Oakland Raiders Football Schedule

Oakland Raiders Football Schedule –Are u looking to know the {nfl} Football Schedule 2023 then u must know the importance and history of Oakland Raiders Football team, where they have many schedules teams at what time they gonna play on which ground so we are sharing every tactic below.

Future Oakland Raiders Schedules Teams:

Oakland Raiders Football Schedule 2023

The Oakland Raiders have a storied history in the NFL, with a loyal fan base that stretches back for decades. As the team moved to Las Vegas in 2020 and became the Las Vegas Raiders, their legacy lives on. The anticipation and excitement surrounding the Raiders’ football schedule are palpable year after year. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the history of the Raiders, explore their upcoming games, and analyze key matchups.

Oakland Raiders Football Schedule

Raiders: A Rich History

Origins in Oakland

The Raiders were established in 1960 and were one of the eight original members of the American Football League (AFL). The team has a rich history in Oakland, where they played for over five decades. They earned a reputation for their passionate fan base, known as the “Raider Nation,” and their distinctive silver and black color scheme.

Relocation to Las Vegas

In 2020, the franchise made a significant move, relocating to Las Vegas. The move was motivated by the desire for a state-of-the-art stadium and to tap into the thriving Las Vegas market. The Raiders’ new home, Allegiant Stadium, is a marvel of modern engineering and a testament to the team’s ambition.

The 2023 Oakland Raiders Football Schedule

Future Oakland Raiders Schedules

Key Dates and Matchups

The 2023 Oakland Raiders football schedule promises to be an exciting one. With a mix of divisional rivalries and non-conference challenges, fans are in for a thrilling season. Here are some key dates and matchups to watch out for:

Week 1: Season Opener

The season opener is always a special occasion for any NFL team. For the Raiders, it sets the tone for the rest of the season. The 2023 season opener sees them facing off against the Kansas City Chiefs, a longtime division rival. The matchup promises high-intensity football and sets the stage for an exciting season.

Divisional Rivalries

Divisional matchups are some of the most anticipated games on the Raiders’ schedule. The team competes in the AFC West, where they face familiar foes like the Denver Broncos, Los Angeles Chargers, and the aforementioned Kansas City Chiefs. These games are essential for playoff contention and always bring a fierce competitive spirit to the field.

Non-Conference Showdowns

The Raiders’ schedule also features non-conference games against teams from other divisions. These matchups provide a chance to see how the team fares against different playing styles and strategies. Exciting games are on the horizon, such as a clash with the Green Bay Packers and a cross-conference battle against the New England Patriots.

Primetime Games

The NFL schedule usually includes several primetime games, where the entire nation tunes in to watch the action. These games are often scheduled for Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football. The Raiders are expected to have their share of primetime matchups, offering a chance for the team to showcase their skills on the national stage.

Expectations and Predictions

While it’s challenging to make precise predictions, fans and experts are already discussing the Raiders’ prospects for the 2023 season. The team’s performance in the previous season, player acquisitions, and the strength of their schedule all play a role in shaping expectations. The Raiders will be looking to build on their progress from the previous season and secure a playoff spot.

Ticket Information

If you’re eager to watch the Raiders in action, obtaining tickets is a top priority. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing tickets for Raiders games:

Future Oakland Raiders Schedules

Official Team Website

The most reliable source for purchasing tickets is the official Las Vegas Raiders website. They provide information on season tickets, single-game tickets, and exclusive packages for fans looking for a premium experience.

Secondary Market

If official tickets are sold out or you’re looking for specific seating, consider reputable secondary ticket marketplaces like StubHub, SeatGeek, and Ticketmaster. These platforms offer tickets from other fans and resellers.

Group and VIP Packages

For special occasions or group outings, the Raiders offer group and VIP packages. These packages often include perks like pre-game parties, stadium tours, and premium seating options.

It’s crucial to be cautious when buying tickets from unofficial sources to avoid scams or counterfeit tickets. Always purchase from reputable sources to ensure a smooth and enjoyable game day experience.

Tailgating and Gameday Experience

The Raiders’ gameday experience is an integral part of being a fan. Whether you’re a long-time member of the Raider Nation or a new supporter, here’s what you can expect on game day:

Future Oakland Raiders Schedules


Tailgating is a cherished tradition in football culture, and the Raiders are no exception. At Allegiant Stadium, you’ll find passionate fans gathering in the parking lots to celebrate before the game. Grilling, music, and camaraderie are the order of the day. Just make sure to familiarize yourself with the stadium’s tailgating rules and guidelines.

The Raider Nation

One of the most iconic aspects of Raiders games is the Raider Nation. The fans are known for their loyalty, wearing silver and black and creating a unique and intimidating atmosphere in the stadium. Whether you’re in the nosebleed seats or down on the field, you’ll be surrounded by the passionate energy of the Raider Nation.

In-Stadium Experience

Allegiant Stadium offers state-of-the-art amenities for fans. You can enjoy a variety of food and beverage options, shop for team merchandise, and even take a stadium tour on non-game days. The architecture and design of the stadium provide an excellent viewing experience for all fans.

Historical Moments and Rivalries

The Raiders have a rich history filled with memorable moments and intense rivalries. Here are some of the most iconic in team history:

The Immaculate Reception

The “Immaculate Reception” is one of the most famous plays in NFL history. In a 1972 playoff game, the Raiders faced the Pittsburgh Steelers. With the game on the line, a deflected pass miraculously ended up in the hands of Franco Harris, who ran it into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. This play remains a point of contention and debate among Raiders fans.

Rivalry with the Kansas City Chiefs

The rivalry between the Raiders and the Kansas City Chiefs is one of the most heated in the NFL. Both teams have had their share of success over the years, and their matchups are always closely watched. The games are characterized by intense competition and a passionate fan base on both sides.

Super Bowl Success

The Raiders have had a fair share of success in the Super Bowl, winning three championships (in 1976, 1980, and 1983). These victories are highlights in the team’s history and are remembered by fans with great pride.

The Future of the Raiders

As the Raiders continue their journey in Las Vegas, they face new challenges and opportunities. The move to a state-of-the-art stadium, the growth of their fan base, and the evolving landscape of the NFL all present exciting prospects for the team’s future.

Emerging Stars

Every season, the NFL sees emerging stars, and the Raiders are no exception. Young and talented players bring hope and promise for the team’s future. Keeping an eye on the development of these players is essential for fans who want to follow the team’s growth.

Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium is more than just a venue; it’s a symbol of the Raiders’ commitment to their fans and the future. The stadium’s modern design and amenities make it a top destination for football enthusiasts. The team’s ability to maintain and enhance the stadium experience will be a key factor in their long-term success.

Fan Engagement

The Raiders understand the importance of engaging with their fans. They use social media, community events, and interactive experiences to connect with supporters. Staying connected with the team through these channels is a great way for fans to be part of the Raiders’ future.


The Oakland Raiders, now known as the Las Vegas Raiders, have a rich history in the NFL, and their football schedule is a source of excitement for fans year after year. The 2023 season is poised to be another thrilling chapter in the team’s journey. With divisional rivalries, non-conference challenges, and the promise of emerging stars, there’s much to look forward to. Whether you’re a die-hard member of the Raider Nation or a newcomer to the fan base, the Raiders’ gameday experience and traditions are sure to leave a lasting impression. As the team continues to make its mark in Las Vegas, fans can expect an exciting future with a state-of-the-art stadium and a dedicated franchise.

The 2023 Oakland Raiders football schedule is a story waiting to be written, and fans will eagerly watch as the season unfolds, hoping for victories, thrilling moments, and, ultimately, a successful season. So gear up, join the Raider Nation, and get ready for an unforgettable journey with the Las Vegas Raiders.

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