2019-2020 NFL Schedule

Are u Lookin 2018 2019 2020  NFL Schedule is Ready to kick off on sep 6 with Defending with Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles hosting the Atlanta Falcons.

Super Bowl is set Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

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So in this Guide, we have share complete NFL Schedule 2018 So that our beloved people can easily get an idea.

NFL Schedule 2018

Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018
Sunday, Sept. 9, 2018
Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018
Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018
Falcons at Eagles – 8:20pm, NBC

Bills at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Steelers at Browns – 1:00pm, CBS
Bengals at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Titans at Dolphins – 1:00pm, FOX
49ers at Vikings – 1:00pm, FOX
Texans at Patriots – 1:00pm, CBS
Buccaneers at Saints – 1:00pm, FOX
Jaguars at Giants – 1:00pm, FOX
Chiefs at Chargers – 4:05pm, CBS
Redskins at Cardinals – 4:25pm, FOX
Cowboys at Panthers – 4:25pm, FOX
Seahawks at Broncos – 4:25pm, FOX
Bears at Packers – 8:20pm, NBC
Eagles at Giants – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Eagles at Jaguars (London) – 9:30am, NFLN
Ravens at Panthers – 1:00pm, CBS
Jets at Bears – 1:00pm, CBS
Buccaneers at Bengals – 1:00pm, FOX
Seahawks at Lions – 1:00pm, FOX
Broncos at Chiefs – 1:00pm, CBS
Redskins at Giants – 1:00pm, FOX
Browns at Steelers – 1:00pm, CBS
Colts at Raiders – 4:05pm, CBS
49ers at Cardinals – 4:25pm, FOX
Packers at Rams – 4:25pm, FOX
Saints at Vikings – 8:20pm, NBC
Monday, Sept. 10, 2018
Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018
Sunday, Oct. 14, 2018
Monday, Oct. 29, 2018
Jets at Lions – 7:10pm, ESPN
Rams at Raiders – 10:20pm, ESPN

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018
Ravens at Bengals – 8:20pm, NFLN
Panthers at Falcons – 1:00pm, FOX
Chargers at Bills – 1:00pm, CBS
Vikings at Packers – 1:00pm, FOX
Browns at Saints – 1:00pm, FOX
Dolphins at Jets – 1:00pm, CBS
Chiefs at Steelers – 1:00pm, CBS
Eagles at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Texans at Titans – 1:00pm, CBS
Colts at Redskins – 1:00pm, CBS
Cardinals at Rams – 4:05pm, FOX
Lions at 49ers – 4:05pm, FOX
Raiders at Broncos – 4:25pm, CBS
Patriots at Jaguars – 4:25pm, CBS
Giants at Cowboys – 8:20pm, NBC
Buccaneers at Falcons – 1:00pm, FOX
Steelers at Bengals – 1:00pm, CBS
Chargers at Browns – 1:00pm, CBS
Bills at Texans – 1:00pm, CBS
Bears at Dolphins – 1:00pm, FOX
Cardinals at Vikings – 1:00pm, FOX
Colts at Jets – 1:00pm, CBS
Seahawks at Raiders (London) – 1:00pm, FOX
Panthers at Redskins – 1:00pm, FOX
Rams at Broncos – 4:05pm, FOX
Jaguars at Cowboys – 4:25pm, CBS
Ravens at Titans – 4:25pm, CBS
Chiefs at Patriots – 8:20pm, NBC
Patriots at Bills – 8:15pm, ESPN

Monday, Sept. 17, 2018Thursday, Sept. 20, 2018
Monday, Oct. 15, 2018
Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018
Seahawks at Bears – 8:15pm, ESPN

Jets at Browns – 8:20pm, NFLN

49ers at Packers – 8:15pm, ESPN

Raiders at 49ers – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018
Monday, Sept. 24, 2018
Thursday, Oct. 18, 2018
Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018
Saints at Falcons – 1:00pm, FOX
Broncos at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Bengals at Panthers – 1:00pm, CBS
Giants at Texans – 1:00pm, FOX
Titans at Jaguars – 1:00pm, CBS
49ers at Chiefs – 1:00pm, FOX
Raiders at Dolphins – 1:00pm, CBS
Bills at Vikings – 1:00pm, CBS
Colts at Eagles – 1:00pm, FOX
Packers at Redskins – 1:00pm, FOX
Chargers at Rams – 4:05pm, CBS
Bears at Cardinals – 4:25pm, FOX
Cowboys at Seahawks – 4:25pm, FOX
Patriots at Lions – 8:20pm, NBC

Steelers at Buccaneers – 8:15pm, ESPN

Broncos at Cardinals – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Steelers at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Bears at Bills – 1:00pm, FOX
Buccaneers at Panthers – 1:00pm, FOX
Chiefs at Browns – 1:00pm, CBS
Jets at Dolphins – 1:00pm, CBS
Lions at Vikings – 1:00pm, FOX
Falcons at Redskins – 1:00pm, FOX
Texans at Broncos – 4:05pm, CBS
Chargers at Seahawks – 4:05pm, CBS
Rams at Saints – 4:25pm, FOX
Packers at Patriots – 8:20pm, NBC
Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018
Monday, Oct. 1, 2018
Sunday, Oct. 21, 2018
Monday, Nov. 5, 2018
Vikings at Rams – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Chiefs at Broncos – 8:15pm, ESPN

Titans at Chargers (London) – 9:30am, CBS
Patriots at Bears – 1:00pm, CBS
Bills at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Texans at Jaguars – 1:00pm, CBS
Bengals at Chiefs – 1:00pm, CBS
Lions at Dolphins – 1:00pm, FOX
Vikings at Jets – 1:00pm, FOX
Panthers at Eagles – 1:00pm, FOX
Browns at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Saints at Ravens – 4:05pm, FOX
Cowboys at Redskins – 4:25pm, CBS
Rams at 49ers – 8:20pm, NBC

Titans at Cowboys – 8:15pm, ESPN

Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018
Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018
Monday, Oct. 22, 2018
Thursday, Nov. 08, 2018
Bengals at Falcons – 1:00pm, CBS
Buccaneers at Bears – 1:00pm, FOX
Lions at Cowboys – 1:00pm, FOX
Bills at Packers – 1:00pm, CBS
Texans at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Jets at Jaguars – 1:00pm, FOX
Dolphins at Patriots – 1:00pm, CBS
Eagles at Titans – 1:00pm, FOX
Seahawks at Cardinals – 4:05pm, FOX
Browns at Raiders – 4:05pm, FOX
49ers at Chargers – 4:25pm, CBS
Saints at Giants – 4:25pm, CBS
Ravens at Steelers – 8:20pm, NBC
Colts at Patriots – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Giants at Falcons – 8:15pm, ESPN

Panthers at Steelers – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018
Monday, Oct. 8, 2018
Thursday, Oct. 25, 2018
Sunday, Nov. 11, 2018
Titans at Bills – 1:00pm, CBS
Giants at Panthers – 1:00pm, FOX
Dolphins at Bengals – 1:00pm, CBS
Ravens at Browns – 1:00pm, CBS
Packers at Lions – 1:00pm, FOX
Jaguars at Chiefs – 1:00pm, CBS
Broncos at Jets – 1:00pm, CBS
Falcons at Steelers – 1:00pm, FOX
Raiders at Chargers – 4:05pm, CBS
Vikings at Eagles – 4:25pm, FOX
Cardinals at 49ers – 4:25pm, FOX
Rams at Seahawks – 4:25pm, FOX
Cowboys at Texans – 8:20pm, NBC
Redskins at Saints – 8:15pm, ESPN

Dolphins at Texans – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Lions at Bears – 1:00pm, FOX
Saints at Bengals – 1:00pm, FOX
Falcons at Browns – 1:00pm, FOX
Dolphins at Packers – 1:00pm, CBS
Jaguars at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Cardinals at Chiefs – 1:00pm, FOX
Bills at Jets – 1:00pm, CBS
Redskins at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Patriots at Titans – 1:00pm, CBS
Chargers at Raiders – 4:05pm, FOX
Seahawks at Rams – 4:25pm, CBS
Cowboys at Eagles – 8:20pm, NBC
Monday, Nov. 12, 2018
Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018
Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018
Monday, Nov. 19, 2018
Giants at 49ers – 8:15pm, ESPN

Packers at Seahawks – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Cowboys at Falcons – 1:00pm, FOX
Bengals at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Vikings at Bears – 1:00pm, FOX
Panthers at Lions – 1:00pm, FOX
Titans at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Eagles at Saints – 1:00pm, FOX
Buccaneers at Giants – 1:00pm, FOX
Texans at Redskins – 1:00pm, CBS
Raiders at Cardinals – 4:05pm, CBS
Broncos at Chargers – 4:05pm, CBS
Steelers at Jaguars – 8:20pm, NBC
Chiefs at Rams (Mexico City) – 8:15pm, ESPN

Thursday, Nov. 22, 2018
Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018
Monday, Nov. 26, 2018
Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018
Bears at Lions 12:30p CBS
Redskins at Cowboys – 4:30pm, FOX
Falcons at Saints – 8:20pm, NBC
Raiders at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Jaguars at Bills – 1:00pm, CBS
Seahawks at Panthers – 1:00pm, FOX
Browns at Bengals – 1:00pm, CBS
Dolphins at Colts – 1:00pm, CBS
Patriots at Jets – 1:00pm, CBS
Giants at Eagles – 1:00pm, FOX
49ers at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Cardinals at Chargers – 4:05pm, FOX
Steelers at Broncos – 4:25pm, CBS
Packers at Vikings – 8:20pm, NBC
Titans at Texans – 8:15pm, ESPN

Saints at Cowboys – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Sunday, Dec. 2, 2018
Monday, Dec. 3, 2018
Thursday, Dec. 6, 2018
Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018
Ravens at Falcons – 1:00pm, CBS
Broncos at Bengals – 1:00pm, CBS
Rams at Lions – 1:00pm, FOX
Cardinals at Packers – 1:00pm, FOX
Browns at Texans – 1:00pm, CBS
Colts at Jaguars – 1:00pm, CBS
Bills at Dolphins – 1:00pm, CBS
Bears at Giants – 1:00pm, FOX
Chargers at Steelers – 1:00pm, CBS
Panthers at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Chiefs at Raiders – 4:05pm, CBS
Jets at Titans – 4:05pm, CBS
Vikings at Patriots – 4:25pm, FOX
49ers at Seahawks – 8:20pm, NBC
Redskins at Eagles – 8:15pm, ESPN

Jaguars at Titans – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Jets at Bills – 1:00pm, CBS
Rams at Bears – 1:00pm, FOX
Panthers at Browns – 1:00pm, FOX
Falcons at Packers – 1:00pm, FOX
Colts at Texans – 1:00pm, CBS
Ravens at Chiefs – 1:00pm, CBS
Patriots at Dolphins – 1:00pm, CBS
Saints at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Giants at Redskins – 1:00pm, FOX
Bengals at Chargers – 4:05pm, CBS
Broncos at 49ers – 4:05pm, CBS
Lions at Cardinals – 4:25pm, FOX
Eagles at Cowboys – 4:25pm, FOX
Steelers at Raiders – 8:20pm, NBC
Monday, Dec. 10, 2018
Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018
Saturday, Dec. 15, 2018
Sunday, Dec. 16, 2018
Vikings at Seahawks – 8:15pm, ESPN

Chargers at Chiefs – 8:20pm, FOX/NFLN

Texans at Jets – 4:30pm/8:20pm, NFLN
Browns at Broncos – 4:30pm/8:20pm, NFLN

Cardinals at Falcons – 1:00pm, FOX
Buccaneers at Ravens – 1:00pm, FOX
Lions at Bills – 1:00pm, FOX
Packers at Bears – 1:00pm, FOX
Raiders at Bengals – 1:00pm, CBS
Cowboys at Colts – 1:00pm, FOX
Redskins at Jaguars – 1:00pm, FOX
Dolphins at Vikings – 1:00pm, CBS
Titans at Giants – 1:00pm, CBS
Seahawks at 49ers – 4:05pm, FOX
Patriots at Steelers – 4:25pm, CBS
Eagles at Rams – 8:20pm, NBC
Monday, Dec. 17, 2018
Saturday, Dec. 22 or Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018
Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018
Monday, Dec. 24, 2018
Saints at Panthers – 8:15pm, ESPN

Giants at Colts – TBD
Ravens at Chargers – TBD
Jaguars at Dolphins – TBD
Redskins at Titans – TBD
Falcons at Panthers – 1:00pm, FOX
Bengals at Browns – 1:00pm, CBS
Buccaneers at Cowboys – 1:00pm, FOX
Vikings at Lions – 1:00pm, FOX
Bills at Patriots – 1:00pm, CBS
Packers at Jets – 1:00pm, FOX
Texans at Eagles – 1:00pm, CBS
Rams at Cardinals – 4:05pm, FOX
Bears at 49ers – 4:05pm, FOX
Steelers at Saints – 4:25pm, CBS
Chiefs at Seahawks – 8:20pm, NBC
Broncos at Raiders – 8:15pm, ESPN

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2018
Browns at Ravens – 1:00pm, CBS
Dolphins at Bills – 1:00pm, CBS
Lions at Packers – 1:00pm, FOX
Jaguars at Texans – 1:00pm, CBS
Raiders at Chiefs – 1:00pm, CBS
Bears at Vikings – 1:00pm, FOX
Jets at Patriots – 1:00pm, CBS
Panthers at Saints – 1:00pm, FOX
Cowboys at Giants – 1:00pm, FOX
Bengals at Steelers – 1:00pm, CBS
Falcons at Buccaneers – 1:00pm, FOX
Colts at Titans – 1:00pm, CBS
Eagles at Redskins – 1:00pm, FOX
Chargers at Broncos – 4:25pm, CBS
49ers at Rams – 4:25pm, FOX
Cardinals at Seahawks – 4:25pm, FOX

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Thursday, August 1   
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Denver at Atlanta8:00pmNBCBuy Tickets

NFL Week Preaseason 1

Thursday, August 8   
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Indianapolis at Buffalo7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
NY Jets at NY Giants7:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Miami7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Baltimore7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
New England at Detroit7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Philadelphia7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Washington at Cleveland7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Carolina at Chicago8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Houston at Green Bay8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Denver at Seattle10:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Arizona10:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Friday, August 9
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Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh7:30pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Minnesota at New Orleans8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Saturday, August 10
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Cincinnati at Kansas City8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
LA Rams at Oakland8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Dallas at San Francisco9:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets

NFL Week Preaseason 2

Thursday, August 15   
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Philadelphia at Jacksonville7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Washington7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Baltimore7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Atlanta7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Oakland at Arizona8:00pmESPNBuy Tickets
Friday, August 16
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Buffalo at Carolina7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Chicago at NY Giants7:30pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Miami at Tampa Bay7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Saturday, August 17
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Cleveland at Indianapolis4:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
New England at Tennessee7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Pittsburgh7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Detroit at Houston8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Dallas at LA Rams10:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, August 18
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New Orleans at LA Chargers4:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Seattle at Minnesota8:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Monday, August 19
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San Francisco at Denver8:00pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week Preas 3

Thursday, August 22   
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NY Giants at Cincinnati7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Philadelphia7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Carolina at New England7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Washington at Atlanta7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Miami8:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Oakland8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Friday, August 23
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Cleveland at Tampa Bay7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Detroit8:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Saturday, August 24
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Arizona at Minnesota1:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Chicago at Indianapolis7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Houston at Dallas7:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
New Orleans at NY Jets7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Kansas City8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Denver at LA Rams9:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Seattle at LA Chargers10:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, August 25
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Pittsburgh at Tennessee8:00pmNBCBuy Tickets

NFL Week Preaseason 4

Thursday, August 22   
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NY Giants at Cincinnati7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Philadelphia7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Carolina at New England7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Washington at Atlanta7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Miami8:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Oakland8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Friday, August 23
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Cleveland at Tampa Bay7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Detroit8:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Saturday, August 24
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Arizona at Minnesota1:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Chicago at Indianapolis7:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Houston at Dallas7:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
New Orleans at NY Jets7:30pmLocalBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Kansas City8:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Denver at LA Rams9:00pmLocalBuy Tickets
Seattle at LA Chargers10:00pmLocal/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, August 25
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Pittsburgh at Tennessee8:00pmNBCBuy Tickets

NFL Week 1

Thursday, September 5   
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Green Bay at Chicago8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Sunday, September 8
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LA Rams at Carolina1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Cleveland1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Jacksonville1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Minnesota1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Buffalo at NY Jets1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Washington at Philadelphia1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at LA Chargers4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Seattle4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
Detroit at Arizona4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Giants at Dallas4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Tampa Bay4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Pittsburgh at New England8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, September 9
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Houston at New Orleans7:10pmESPNBuy Tickets
Denver at Oakland10:20pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 2

Thursday, September 12   
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Tampa Bay at Carolina8:20pmNFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, September 15
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Arizona at Baltimore1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Cincinnati1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Detroit1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Minnesota at Green Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Houston1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Buffalo at NY Giants1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Seattle at Pittsburgh1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at Tennessee1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Dallas at Washington1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Oakland4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
Chicago at Denver4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
New Orleans at LA Rams4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Atlanta8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, September 16
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Cleveland at NY Jets8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 3

Thursday, September 19   
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Tennessee at Jacksonville8:20pmNFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, September 22
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Cincinnati at Buffalo1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Miami at Dallas1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Denver at Green Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Indianapolis1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Kansas City1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Oakland at Minnesota1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Jets at New England1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Detroit at Philadelphia1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Carolina at Arizona4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Giants at Tampa Bay4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Houston at LA Chargers4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Seattle4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Pittsburgh at San Francisco4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Rams at Cleveland8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, September 23
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Chicago at Washington8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 4

Thursday, September 26   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Philadelphia at Green Bay8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, September 29
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Tennessee at Atlanta1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Cleveland at Baltimore1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Buffalo1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Carolina at Houston1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Oakland at Indianapolis1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Washington at NY Giants1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Seattle at Arizona4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at LA Rams4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Minnesota at Chicago4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Denver4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Dallas at New Orleans8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, September 30
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Cincinnati at Pittsburgh8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 5

Thursday, October 3   
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LA Rams at Seattle8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, October 6
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Chicago at Oakland1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Carolina1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Arizona at Cincinnati1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Houston1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at New Orleans1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Minnesota at NY Giants1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Philadelphia1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Pittsburgh1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Tennessee1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Washington1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Denver at LA Chargers4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Dallas4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at Kansas City8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, October 7
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Cleveland at San Francisco8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 6

Thursday, October 10   
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NY Giants at New England8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, October 13
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Carolina at Tampa Bay9:30amNFLNBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Baltimore1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Seattle at Cleveland1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Jacksonville1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Houston at Kansas City1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Washington at Miami1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Minnesota1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Arizona4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at LA Rams4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Denver4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Dallas at NY Jets4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Pittsburgh at LA Chargers8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, October 14
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Detroit at Green Bay8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 7

Thursday, October 17   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Kansas City at Denver8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, October 20
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
LA Rams at Atlanta1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Miami at Buffalo1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Cincinnati1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Minnesota at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Oakland at Green Bay1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Houston at Indianapolis1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Arizona at NY Giants1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Washington1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Tennessee4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Chicago4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Seattle4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Dallas8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, October 21
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
New England at NY Jets8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 8

Thursday, October 24   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Washington at Minnesota8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, October 27
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Cincinnati at LA Rams1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Seattle at Atlanta1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Buffalo1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Chicago1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Giants at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Oakland at Houston1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Jacksonville1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Arizona at New Orleans1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at Tennessee1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Carolina at San Francisco4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Denver at Indianapolis4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Cleveland at New England4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Kansas City8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, October 28
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Miami at Pittsburgh8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 9

Thursday, October 31   
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San Francisco at Arizona8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, November 3
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Houston at Jacksonville9:30amNFLNBuy Tickets
Washington at Buffalo1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Carolina1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Minnesota at Kansas City1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Chicago at Philadelphia1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at Pittsburgh1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Detroit at Oakland4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at Seattle4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Cleveland at Denver4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Green Bay at LA Chargers4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Baltimore8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, November 4
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Dallas at NY Giants8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 10

Thursday, November 7   
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LA Chargers at Oakland8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, November 10
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Detroit at Chicago1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Cincinnati1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Cleveland1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Carolina at Green Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at New Orleans1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Giants at NY Jets1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Arizona at Tampa Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Tennessee1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Miami at Indianapolis4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Rams at Pittsburgh4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Minnesota at Dallas8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, November 11
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Seattle at San Francisco8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 11

Thursday, November 14   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Pittsburgh at Cleveland8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, November 17
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Houston at Baltimore1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Carolina1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Dallas at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Indianapolis1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Denver at Minnesota1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Tampa Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Washington1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Arizona at San Francisco4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Oakland4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Philadelphia4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Chicago at LA Rams8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, November 18
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Kansas City at LA Chargers8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 13

Thursday, November 28   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Chicago at Detroit12:30pmFOXBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Dallas4:30pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Atlanta8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Sunday, December 1
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
San Francisco at Baltimore1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Washington at Carolina1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Cincinnati1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Indianapolis1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at Jacksonville1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Oakland at Kansas City1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Miami1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Green Bay at NY Giants1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
LA Rams at Arizona4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Denver4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Cleveland at Pittsburgh4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
New England at Houston8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, December 2
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Minnesota at Seattle8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 14

Thursday, December 5   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Dallas at Chicago8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, December 8
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Carolina at Atlanta1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Buffalo1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Cleveland1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Washington at Green Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Denver at Houston1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Detroit at Minnesota1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at New Orleans1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Miami at NY Jets1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at Tampa Bay1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Jacksonville4:05pmFOXBuy Tickets
Pittsburgh at Arizona4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Kansas City at New England4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Oakland4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Seattle at LA Rams8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, December 9
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
NY Giants at Philadelphia8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 15

Thursday, December 12   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
NY Jets at Baltimore8:20pmFOX/NFLNBuy Tickets
Sunday, December 15
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Seattle at Carolina1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
New England at Cincinnati1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Tampa Bay at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Chicago at Green Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Denver at Kansas City1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Miami at NY Giants1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Buffalo at Pittsburgh1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Houston at Tennessee1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at Washington1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Cleveland at Arizona4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
Jacksonville at Oakland4:05pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Rams at Dallas4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at San Francisco4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Minnesota at LA Chargers8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, December 16
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Indianapolis at New Orleans8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 16

Saturday, December 21   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Detroit at DenverTime TBATV TBABuy Tickets
Oakland at LA ChargersTime TBATV TBABuy Tickets
Buffalo at New EnglandTime TBATV TBABuy Tickets
LA Rams at San FranciscoTime TBATV TBABuy Tickets
Houston at Tampa BayTime TBATV TBABuy Tickets
Sunday, December 22
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Jacksonville at Atlanta1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Baltimore at Cleveland1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Carolina at Indianapolis1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Cincinnati at Miami1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Pittsburgh at NY Jets1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Tennessee1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
NY Giants at Washington1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Dallas at Philadelphia4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Arizona at Seattle4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
Kansas City at Chicago8:20pmNBCBuy Tickets
Monday, December 23
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Green Bay at Minnesota8:15pmESPNBuy Tickets

NFL Week 17

Sunday, December 29   
MatchupTime (ET)TV/MobileTickets
Pittsburgh at Baltimore1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
NY Jets at Buffalo1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
New Orleans at Carolina1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Cleveland at Cincinnati1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Washington at Dallas1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Green Bay at Detroit1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Tennessee at Houston1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Indianapolis at Jacksonville1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
LA Chargers at Kansas City1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Chicago at Minnesota1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Miami at New England1:00pmCBSBuy Tickets
Philadelphia at NY Giants1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Atlanta at Tampa Bay1:00pmFOXBuy Tickets
Oakland at Denver4:25pmCBSBuy Tickets
Arizona at LA Rams4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets
San Francisco at Seattle4:25pmFOXBuy Tickets

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