Washington State Depth Chart 2024

Washington State Depth Chart 2024 –Are u looking to know the Washington State 2024 Football depth chart then u must know the importance and history of Washington State Football team, where they have many teams at what time they are going to play on which ground so we are sharing every tactic below.

Washington State Depth Chart 2024-Washington State Cougars Football

The Washington State Football program has a history dating back to its establishment in 1891. The team competes in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

The history of Washington State Football qb depth charts involves the consistent evaluation and organization of player positions throughout the team’s existence. Coaches use depth charts to designate the starting lineup and determine player rotations based on skills, experience, and performance.

Offensive Positions

WR-XTsion NunnallyLeyton Smithson
WR-ZKyle WilliamsCarlos Hernandez
WR-HIsaiah HamiltonLincoln Victor
LTEsa PoleZack Miller
LGChristian HilbornRodrick Tialavea
OCKonner GomnessDevin Kylany
RGBrock DieuMa’ake Fifita
RTFa’alili Fa’amoeChristy Nkanu
TE-YCooper MathersBilly Riviere IIIAndre Dollar
QBJohn Mateer
RBNakia WatsonDylan Paine

Defensive Positions

LDEQuinn RoffAndrew EdsonRon Stone Jr.
LDTNusi MalaniNa’im Rodman
RDTDavid GustaJernias TafiaAnsel Din-Mbuh
RDERaam StevensonBrennan Jackson
WLBKyle ThorntonTaariq Al-Uqdah
MLBDevin RichardsonJoshua Erling
LCBJamorri ColsonCam Lampkin
SSReece SylvesterTanner MokuJaden Hicks
FSSam Lockett IIIAdrian Wilson
RCBStephen HallChau Smith-Wade
NBKapena GushikenJackson LataimuaChris Jackson

Special Teams

PTNick HabererColton Theaker
PKDean JanikowskiColton Theaker
KOColton TheakerDean Janikowski
LSSimon Samarzich
HNick Haberer
PRIsaiah Hamilton
KRDylan Paine

Over the years, the Washington State have seen fluctuations in team performance and depth chart compositions. Coaching changes, player development, and recruiting efforts have all influenced the dynamics of the depth chart. Depth charts serve as a strategic tool for coaches to optimize player roles and enhance team competitiveness.

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