Rice Depth Chart 2024

Rice Depth Chart 2024 –Are u looking to know the Rice 2024 Football depth chart then u must know the importance and history of Rice Football team, where they have many teams at what time they are going to play on which ground so we are sharing every tactic below.

Rice Depth Chart 2024-Rice Owls Football

The Rice Football program has a history dating back to its establishment in 1891. The team competes in the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

The history of Rice Football qb depth charts involves the consistent evaluation and organization of player positions throughout the team’s existence. Coaches use depth charts to designate the starting lineup and determine player rotations based on skills, experience, and performance.

Offensive Positions

WR-XRawson MacNeillMatt Sykes
WR-ZLandon Ransom-GoelzBraylen Walker
WR-FKobie CampbellLuke McCaffrey
LTMiguel CedenoClay Servin
LGBrant BanksPatrick Valent
OCBraedon NutterWeston Kropp
RGLavel DumontMiguel Cedeno
RTEthan OnianwaPeyton Farmer
TE-YJack BradleyBoden GroenElijah Mojarro
QBAJ PadgettChase Jenkins
RBJuma OtovianoDean ConnorsAri Broussard
FBMicah BarnettGeron Hargon

Defensive Positions

DEColeman CocoJordan Campbell
NTIzeya FloydBlake Boenisch
DTMichael Larbie
RUSHJosh PearcyVan HeitmannDemone Green
MLBChris ContiDJ ArkansasTy Morris
WLBMyron MorrisonAndrew AweChike Anigbogu
VIPERPlae WyattPeyton Stevenson
LCBSean FreschLamont Narcisse
SSJonathan JeanDaveon Hook
FSGabriel TaylorTyson Flowers
RCBTre’shon DevonesMax Ahoia

Special Teams

PTConor HuntReese Keeney
PKTim HornEnock Gota
KOEnock GotaTim Horn
LSWyatt FreemanColby Connell
HConor HuntReese Keeney
PRSean FreschDrayden Dickmann
KRQuinton JacksonChristian Francisco

Over the years, the Rice have seen fluctuations in team performance and depth chart compositions. Coaching changes, player development, and recruiting efforts have all influenced the dynamics of the depth chart. Depth charts serve as a strategic tool for coaches to optimize player roles and enhance team competitiveness.

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