Akron Football Schedule 2023- Future Akron Football Schedule

Akron Football Schedule –Are u looking to know the Akron Football Schedule 2023 then u must know the importance and history of Akron Football team, where they have many schedules teams at what time they gonna play on which ground so we are sharing every tactic below.

Akron Football Schedule Teams:

Akron Football Schedule 2023

Akron football has a rich history of competition, with its schedules shaping the excitement of fans and the performance of the team. Whether you’re a die-hard Zips fan or simply curious about the team’s upcoming matchups, this comprehensive guide to Akron football schedules will keep you in the know. In this post, we’ll delve into the history of Akron football, the current state of the team, and provide detailed insights into the upcoming schedules, including key matchups, players to watch, and season highlights.

Akron Football Schedule

Akron football has a storied history, with its origins dating back to 1893. The team, known as the Zips, has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years. From playing in local leagues to transitioning to NCAA Division I FBS status, the Akron Zips have come a long way.

Akron Football Schedule 2023

One of the standout moments in the history of Akron football was the construction of the InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field, their current home, in 2009. This state-of-the-art facility has provided a fantastic environment for both players and fans, significantly enhancing the team’s appeal.

Over the years, the Akron Zips have had their share of successes, including memorable conference championships and bowl game appearances. These achievements have left a mark on the history of the university and continue to inspire fans and players alike.

The Current State of Akron Football

As of 2023, Akron football is under the leadership of head coach Tom Arth. The team has been working diligently to rebuild and regain its competitive edge in the MAC (Mid-American Conference). While there have been challenges, there is a sense of optimism surrounding the program.

The Zips have been focusing on recruiting and player development to create a strong foundation for future success. The program’s dedication to producing not only successful athletes but also well-rounded individuals is evident in the team’s commitment to academic excellence and community involvement.

The current roster is a mix of experienced players and promising young talents, making it an exciting time to follow Akron football. The team’s determination to rise through the ranks in the MAC is clear, and fans are eagerly anticipating the upcoming seasons.

The History of Akron Football

Before delving into the current schedules, let’s take a moment to appreciate the history of Akron Football. The program dates back to the late 19th century, making it one of the oldest in Ohio. Over the years, the Zips have seen their share of triumphs and challenges, contributing to the storied legacy of college football in the state.

2: The Importance of Football Schedules

1.1 Building a Competitive Team

The football schedule is more than a list of games; it’s a blueprint for building a competitive team. Coaches carefully select opponents to create a balance between winnable games and challenging matchups. A well-structured schedule provides players with the opportunity to develop their skills, improve teamwork, and ultimately, strive for success.

1.2 Engaging the Community

The football schedule serves as a means to engage the local community, drawing fans and supporters to the games. Akron Football games are more than just sporting events; they are a source of community pride and a way to bring people together to celebrate their team.

1.3 Recruiting Prospects

Recruiting top talent is crucial for any college football program. The schedule plays a significant role in showcasing the team’s potential to prospective players. An attractive schedule with high-profile opponents can be a major selling point when trying to attract the best talent.

3: Akron Football Schedules – A Closer Look

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Akron Football schedules themselves. These schedules are carefully constructed to balance competitiveness, excitement, and community engagement.

3.1 Non-Conference Games

The non-conference portion of the schedule often features matchups against teams from different conferences. These games are significant for a few reasons:

  • Exposure: Playing non-conference games against teams from more prominent conferences can garner national attention for the Zips.
  • Revenue: High-profile non-conference games often result in increased revenue for the university and the athletic department.
  • Recruitment: Competitive non-conference games can attract talented high school players who want to challenge themselves against top-level competition.

3.2 Conference Games

Conference games are the heart and soul of any college football schedule. Akron competes in the Mid-American Conference (MAC), where they face teams from other universities in the region. These games are crucial for several reasons:

  • Conference Championships: Success in conference games can lead to a shot at the MAC Championship, which is a significant achievement for the program.
  • Rivalries: Conference games often feature intense rivalries, adding extra excitement for fans and players alike.
  • Consistency: Playing teams from the same conference year after year builds consistency and a sense of identity within the program.

3.3 Home and Away Games

The distribution of home and away games can significantly impact the team’s performance and fan engagement. Akron’s InfoCision Stadium is the backdrop for many thrilling games throughout the season, and the energy of the home crowd can be a game-changer.

  • Home Games: Playing at home provides the Zips with a familiar and supportive atmosphere, which can boost their performance. Home games are a chance for local fans to show their support, and tailgating, traditions, and school spirit are all part of the experience.
  • Away Games: Travelling to face opponents on their home turf presents unique challenges. Akron’s ability to perform well in away games can demonstrate the team’s adaptability and mental toughness.

3.4 OOC (Out-of-Conference) Scheduling Strategy

Out-of-conference scheduling is a key element in Akron’s football schedules. The strategy involves carefully selecting opponents that align with the team’s goals and priorities for the season.

  • Balancing Act: Scheduling is a delicate balance between winnable games and tough challenges. Coaches aim to provide the team with opportunities for victory while also testing their abilities against strong opponents.
  • Power Five Matchups: Occasionally, Akron schedules games against teams from Power Five conferences, such as the Big Ten or the SEC. These games are not only prestigious but also financially rewarding.
  • FCS Opponents: Scheduling games against Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams can offer a chance for players to gain experience and build confidence. These games can also be important for the local community.

The 2023 Akron Football Schedule

The 2023 Akron football schedule promises a thrilling lineup of games that will test the team’s mettle and offer fans an exciting football season. Below is a breakdown of the schedule for the upcoming season:

1. September 2, 2023 – Akron vs. Texas A&M (Away)

The season opener sees the Zips facing off against a formidable opponent in Texas A&M. This non-conference matchup will provide an early test for Akron and set the tone for the season.

2. September 9, 2023 – Akron vs. Troy (Home)

Akron’s first home game of the season is against Troy. It’s a great opportunity for the Zips to showcase their talent in front of their home crowd and gain momentum.

3. September 16, 2023 – Akron vs. Kent State (Away)

The battle for the Wagon Wheel Trophy takes the Zips on the road to face their fierce in-state rival, Kent State. This rivalry game is always highly anticipated and never fails to deliver intense football action.

4. September 23, 2023 – Akron vs. Bowling Green (Home)

Akron returns home to face Bowling Green in a conference matchup. The outcome of this game will be crucial in the MAC standings.

5. September 30, 2023 – Akron vs. Eastern Michigan (Away)

The Zips hit the road again to take on Eastern Michigan. This game will test their ability to perform away from home and secure vital conference points.

6. October 7, 2023 – Akron vs. Buffalo (Home)

Buffalo visits Akron for another conference showdown. Home advantage could prove pivotal in this contest.

7. October 14, 2023 – Akron vs. Miami (OH) (Away)

Akron travels to Miami (OH) for what promises to be a competitive conference matchup. These games often have a significant impact on postseason aspirations.

8. October 21, 2023 – Akron vs. Northern Illinois (Home)

Northern Illinois comes to Akron for another MAC showdown. The Zips will aim to defend their home turf and secure a victory.

9. October 28, 2023 – Akron vs. Ohio (Away)

The Zips head to Ohio to take on the Bobcats. This rivalry game adds an extra layer of intensity to the matchup.

10. November 4, 2023 – Akron vs. Central Michigan (Home)

Central Michigan visits Akron, offering the Zips a chance to impress their fans and improve their conference standing.

11. November 11, 2023 – Akron vs. Western Michigan (Away)

Akron closes out the regular season on the road against Western Michigan. This game could have significant implications for postseason play.

12. November 24, 2023 – Akron vs. Toledo (Home)

The season finale brings Toledo to Akron. This game will be the culmination of the Zips’ regular season and could determine their postseason fate.

Key Matchups to Watch

Several key matchups stand out in the 2023 Akron football schedule, promising intense and exciting football action. These games will likely have a significant impact on the team’s season and will be closely watched by fans and analysts alike.

1. Akron vs. Texas A&M (September 2, 2023)

The season opener against Texas A&M is a formidable challenge for Akron. It will test their ability to compete at the highest level and set the tone for the season.

2. Akron vs. Kent State (September 16, 2023)

The rivalry game against Kent State, known as the Battle for the Wagon Wheel Trophy, is always an emotional and fiercely contested matchup. The bragging rights in the state of Ohio are at stake, making it a must-watch game for fans.

3. Akron vs. Ohio (October 28, 2023)

The Akron-Ohio rivalry is known for its intensity, and this game is sure to deliver hard-fought football action. The outcome of this contest can impact the team’s standing in the MAC.

4. Akron vs. Toledo (November 24, 2023)

The season finale against Toledo could be a decisive game for the Zips. It may determine their eligibility for postseason play, adding extra significance to this matchup.

Players to Watch

To get the most out of the 2023 Akron football season, it’s essential to keep an eye on key players who can make a difference on the field. Here are some standout Zips players to watch:

1. Kato Nelson (Quarterback)

Kato Nelson, a senior quarterback, is a seasoned leader for the Zips. His experience and ability to read defenses will be vital in the team’s success. Nelson’s arm strength and accuracy make him a dynamic offensive threat.

2. John Lako (Defensive Tackle)

John Lako is a force on the defensive line. He’s known for his ability to disrupt opposing offenses with his strength and quickness. Lako’s performance in the trenches will be crucial for Akron’s defensive success.

3. Michael Mathison (Wide Receiver)

As a talented wide receiver, Michael Mathison has the potential to be a game-changer. His speed and route-running ability make him a deep threat, and he’ll be a primary target for Kato Nelson.

4. Bubba Arslanian (Linebacker)

Bubba Arslanian is a tackling machine at linebacker. He’s known for his football IQ and ability to read plays, making him a critical part of the Zips’ defense. Arslanian’s ability to stop the run and cover in pass situations will be invaluable.

Season Highlights

As the 2023 Akron football season unfolds, there are several potential highlights and storylines to look forward to:

1. Progress Under Coach Arth

With a few years of coaching experience under his belt, Coach Tom Arth is expected to continue building a strong foundation for the Zips. The team’s development and progression throughout the season will be a significant storyline to follow.

2. The Battle for the Wagon Wheel

The rivalry game against Kent State is a cherished tradition, and the outcome of this matchup will be a memorable moment in the season. The competition for the Wagon Wheel Trophy always provides thrilling football action.

3. MAC Conference Contention

Akron’s standing in the MAC will be closely watched throughout the season. With a strong roster and solid coaching, they aim to climb the conference ranks and compete for a title.

4. Bowl Game Aspirations

The Zips will aim to secure postseason eligibility and potentially participate in a bowl game. Achieving this goal would be a significant highlight of the season and a testament to the program’s resurgence.

5: Fan Engagement and Game Day Experience

The Akron Zips have a passionate fan base, and the football schedule plays a vital role in keeping the fans engaged and excited. The game day experience goes beyond the action on the field and includes various traditions and events that make attending a Zips game special.

5.1 Tailgating

Tailgating is a beloved tradition at Akron football games. Before kick-off, fans gather in the parking lots around InfoCision Stadium to grill, socialize, and show their team spirit. Tailgating is an opportunity for fans to connect and build camaraderie.

5.2 School Spirit

The Zips’ mascot, “Zippy the Kangaroo,” and the university’s blue and gold colors are symbols of school pride. Game days see students and alumni donning Akron gear and cheering for their team. The schedule plays a role in enhancing school spirit by providing a platform for fans to come together.

5.3 Community Engagement

Akron Football is deeply embedded in the local community. The schedule’s balance of home and away games means that fans have multiple opportunities to support the team at InfoCision Stadium. This support not only motivates the players but also contributes to the local economy.

5.4 Special Events

Some games on the schedule are more than just football matches; they are special events. Homecoming games, senior nights, and rivalries are examples of games that hold particular significance in the hearts of fans. These games draw larger crowds and add an extra layer of excitement to the season.

6: The Road to Success

Success in college football is measured by a variety of factors, including wins, conference championships, and player development. The Akron Zips, like all programs, strive for success each season. The football schedule serves as a roadmap to achieving this success.

6.1 Measuring Success

For Akron, success can be defined in several ways:

  • Winning Season: A winning season, with more victories than losses, is a clear sign of success. It demonstrates that the team is competitive and making progress.
  • Conference Championships: Winning the MAC Championship is a significant achievement and a clear marker of success.
  • Bowl Game Appearances: Earning a spot in a postseason bowl game is a testament to a successful season, as it usually requires a strong performance in conference play.
  • Player Development: Success is not just about wins and losses; it’s also about player development. Akron aims to develop its athletes both on and off the field, preparing them for future success.

6.2 Building for the Future

The football schedule is not just about the current season; it also plays a role in building for the future. Akron’s schedule provides a platform for the team to gain experience, attract recruits, and build a strong foundation for the years to come.

6.3 The Support of the Akron Community

Success in college football is a collaborative effort. The support of the Akron community is essential in motivating the players and creating an atmosphere of excitement and enthusiasm. The football schedule provides multiple opportunities for the community to come together and rally behind their team.


The 2023 Akron football season promises to be an exciting journey filled with challenges, key matchups, and standout players. As fans eagerly await the kickoff, this comprehensive guide provides insights into the team’s history, the current state of Akron football, and a detailed breakdown of the upcoming schedule.

Whether you’re a passionate Zips supporter or simply a football enthusiast, there’s no shortage of compelling storylines to follow throughout the season. From rivalry games to the pursuit of conference glory and potential postseason play, Akron football is on the rise, and the journey is one worth watching. So, mark your calendars, gear up, and get ready to support the Zips as they embark on another thrilling season of football.