Download Visual Boy Advance For Android Apk [2022-2023]

My Boy! Lite
My Boy! Lite
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

VisualBoyAdvance is a GameBoy emulator faithful to Nintendo’s famous portable console. The application is compatible with the vast majority of GameBoy ROMs, and it offers tools that allow you to explore their content.

Download Visual Boy Advance For Android Apk

The emulator has a backup function that can be called up at any time. This gives you the option of restoring the game to the state it was in. To immortalize your performances, the game also has a screenshot function. Despite the low resolution of platform games, it is possible to play in full screen and to improve the image, the application applies antialiasing.

The emulator also includes features aimed at programmers or those who want to discover all the secrets of a title. It allows to observe the contents of the memory in game, to import and export the state of a game, to visualize the images in memory and it also embeds a debugger.

Note: To remain legal, you must own the original game in order to play it in the emulator.

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