Download Vector Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Vector: Parkour Run
Vector: Parkour Run
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Vector is a video game for mobile device. This is an arcade game in which you embody a character who seeks to flee to escape the system. Indeed, he lives in a totalitarian context where people do not enjoy any freedom. You will therefore have to use all your strength to escape and hide from those who pursue you. You will run, jump, climb scary urban universes to manage to hide yourself from the eyes of “Big Brother”.

It is a high adrenaline game, where you will feel the stress of pursuing an omnipotent state but the thirst for freedom and justice will allow you to surpass yourself. Vector is accessible to players of all levels, and all will appreciate the very elaborate and aesthetic graphics, conveying all the anguish of a dystopian universe, during the 20 different levels that the game offers.

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