Download vampire survivors Apk For Android [2022-2023]


Vampire Survivors is the phenomenon game of the beginning of 2022, released in December 2021 and completely unnoticed by players and the media, until an influencer and player told his subscribers about it on his Twitch channel. 

Vampire Survivors has had phenomenal success since that day, growing from 4 players in 2021 to 35,000 players per day and the numbers are only going up. Designed by an indie developer named Luca Galante, Vampire Survivors didn’t set out to become as popular. Moreover, some players wonder how this game could have aroused such enthusiasm. Indeed, the graphics are far behind an Apex Legends or a Call of Duty Vanguard and yet Vampire Survivors is an addictive shooter that draws crowds!

Why play Vampire Survivors?

Vampire Survivors is therefore a top-down 2D shooter with pixelated graphics with a very vintage look. The gameplay is very simple, you just have to move your character in a place invaded by creatures and monsters of all kinds, which you will have to destroy before being attacked. You have a life gauge before losing the game and the shots are automatic. Note, however, that everything is in English.

You will have 4 characters to unlock as you play, each with specific bonuses and characteristics. Antonio increases his attack power by 10% for every 10 levels completed; Imelda grants 10% experience every 5 levels; Pasqualina increases her projectile speed by 10% every 5 levels, and Gennaro fires an additional projectile for all weapons. 

Note that to unlock weapons, PowerUps, and characters, you will need to collect in-game currency to purchase them.

How to play Vampire Survivors?

In terms of gameplay, nothing could be simpler, you move your character to a place infested with creatures that want to destroy you. The controls are done with the keyboard, the joystick, the mouse or the touch screen. Shots and attacks are automated. 

Move to attack your enemies without getting hit. The hordes of bats, praying mantis, zombies, carnivorous plants and other night monsters follow you a little stupidly. Some monsters require several hits before being destroyed. Some destroyed creatures are replaced by blue gems that will not disappear. So you have all the time you want to pick them up. During your session, when you collect enough gems to fill the entire blue experience gauge at the top of your screen, you level up and choose between 3 additional upgrades or weapons. 

When exploring and killing monsters, you can find campfires, which usually yield a coin, and chests containing treasures, mainly coins and weapons or weapon upgrades. Note that collecting coins is not as easy as it looks and some PowerUps are very expensive.

It shoots from everywhere, the gameplay is extremely simple, monsters arrive from everywhere, the first levels are quickly crossed, allowing you to become stronger and better equipped with weapons or powers. In terms of weapons, you start with a simple whip, then you can quickly get a Bible, holy water, knife, axe, fire, etc.

In addition to earning more and more bonuses and leveling up, you can automatically complete missions such as reaching level 5, reaching level 10, surviving 5 minutes with the character Pasqualina, surviving 10 minutes with n’ any character, get the King’s Bible at level 4, etc.

Note that the demo version available in online service offers 4 characters max, against 24 in the paid version on Steam, 22 types of weapons against 49 in the paid version, etc. The version on Steam also benefits from more updates.

What’s new in the latest version of Vampire Survivors?

In the latest update to the online demo version, Vampire Survivors adds a brief moment of invulnerability to your character after collecting treasure, as well as a new weapon called “Bloody Tear” and an evolution for the Whisk. 

For the full version, each update adds new weapons, new maps and new challenges.

Which OS is Vampire Survivors compatible with?

You can download and install Vampire Survivors on Windows PC after purchasing it from Steam. But you can also play the demo version online for free from your web browser, from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.

What are the best alternatives to Vampire Survivors?

Zombie Commando is also a free addictive video game, exclusively dedicated to Android smartphones and tablets. Here, no bats or praying mantis, but zombies, monsters and more zombies. You have to knock out anything that moves and doesn’t look nice. The graphics don’t have the retro look of Vampire Survivors, but players will have a blast shooting anything that moves. Little thinking, but a lot of reflexes are needed to move up the levels.

Alien Shooter also offers ultra simple gameplay: shoot aliens. Repel the alien invasion is your mission. The scenario doesn’t go any further, but that’s often what we like about this stress-relieving game. Available in a free license version for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. 

Big Drunk Satanic Massacre is also a gory game where you have to shoot everything that moves. You play as Lucifer, the son of Satan, who must prevent hordes of humans from invading the underworld. You have 6 types of weapons to kill all the invaders and if you get hit you just have to drink a small glass of alcohol. Of course, this game is for adults only, for its violent and depraved content. Available in commercial license for Windows.

If you’re more into the retro look, you can try FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS. More complete in terms of the scenario and the scenery, you will have to explore dungeons, discover villages and fight monsters. Players will find the emblematic characters of the saga there and will be able to win gems and additional rewards. This free-to-play video game is free and available on Android and iOS.

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