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Terraria is an action-adventure video game that immerses you in an imaginary world. You will have to fight for your own survival, as well as for your glory.

You will cross unknown and disturbing landscapes, caverns, caves and other dark places, and you will face fearsome enemies. You will not be armed with guns or other firearms, and it will therefore be your duty to use your creativity to defeat your enemies using various objects. In addition, the scenery of Terraria is constantly changing, which allows players to be constantly surprised and amazed by original graphics. In addition, Terraria characters are customizable. So you can change your character’s clothes and improve their characteristics, depending on the points you will earn in the game.

But that’s not all since Terraria is also a Sandbox (or sandbox) type game that allows you to create things, objects, etc., and modify your environment according to your needs, or your desires. Do you want to build a castle, a house, a burrow or any other dwelling? Your only limit is your creativity!

Why play Terraria?

Terraria is an action/adventure video game for consoles, PC and mobiles, in a 2D open world where the player has the freedom to completely customize his character and interact with his environment. You can play in single or multiplayer mode up to 8 players. The day and night alternation is also present, knowing that the monsters like the dark, you will have to protect yourself more particularly at night or increase the brightness to see your opponents.

The player starts the game with some tools and weapons (short sword, pickaxe and copper axe) to defend himself and collect his first resources. In this, it is close to the Survival mode of the famous Minecraft. The character must collect ores to craft tools, wood and stone to build shelter and defenses against enemies, and regenerate after battles.

Terraria is therefore also a sandbox type game, with no real objective to achieve. The player is free to do as he pleases, to explore the map as he wishes, to fight against monsters and bosses, to build the house of his dreams, to develop his character to be the most powerful, etc. Unlike Minecraft, which Terraria is often compared to, the graphics are pixelated 2D and have a vintage look, reminiscent of old-generation console platformers.

Your character, whose appearance you can customize, must therefore explore the map in search of treasures and chests, guarded by unfriendly creatures, but also dig to extract raw materials to then assemble and work on them in your workshop. to craft items and tools needed for your survival or to gather other resources.

What is interesting in Terraria is that the worlds are generated randomly, which renews the gaming experience to infinity. Chests and items can be found anywhere and it is not uncommon to dig and come across buried treasures: potions, arrows, armor, swords, coins, heart crystals to add life levels , shooting stars that increase mana, etc. Note that your inventory will quickly fill up.

In Terraria, different universes coexist and your character will have to explore them and fight the monsters that live there to reach the treasures they guard. Note that each area has its own type of creatures. Of course, you will first have to expand your military arsenal before facing them and make sure that your life and Mana levels are high enough. If you die during the fight, you don’t start from scratch, but you lose some coins accumulated in previous fights.

During your exploration, you will be able to meet NPCs, non-player characters of the game, with whom you can interact. Some NPCs can even be recruited by the player to live in the house built by the player and take advantage of the NPC’s skills: nurse, shopkeeper, magician, tailor, tax collector, wizard, guide, etc.

As for Minecraft, the game has a large community and in particular developers who can create Mods allowing to add objects and content, or to modify the functioning of the game. Note that the installation of the Mods integration system requires some computer skills.

Terraria offers different game modes. The more adventurous can rub shoulders with the most powerful monsters in the hard mode while other players can first experience the Easy and Medium modes which should already give them a hard time. Monster power is the biggest difference between game modes, but there are other differences, such as losing items when the character dies. In Hard mode, the character loses all their inventory and does not return to the game, they go into Ghost mode. He has to start all over again.

Additionally, there is a Standard mode, which is the default, and an Expert mode which offers improved stats, harder enemies to defeat, bigger NPC rewards, special items, and more.

What’s new in the latest version of Terraria?

The new versions of Terraria contain, most of the time, new NPCs allowing to accomplish new actions. The latest version of Terraria incorporates new content inspired by the video game Don’t Starve Together. The lighting system becomes essential as well as the food. A new boss, new objects and NPCs are appearing. You will also be entitled to 3 pets.

Which OS is Terraria compatible with?

You can download Terraria for your computer running Windows, macOS or Linux (via Steam), or for your mobile devices running Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad). It is also possible to play it with your PlayStation and Xbox console via the online stores and Gamepass of the consoles.

Terraria is a paid commercial license game without subscription, which allows you to enjoy all updates for free.

What are the best alternatives to Terraria?

Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket feature similar gameplay in Survival mode. Minecraft offers a mode exclusively dedicated to construction and creativity, unlike Terraria which bases its game mechanics on adventure. Minecraft is the console and PC edition of the game, while Minecraft Pocket is the mobile edition. Players also benefit from a modding system and a larger community. Available in demo version.

Roblox is also a sandbox type game with simple and pixelated graphics. With Roblox, you have 2 different approaches. You can build your own video game and offer it to the whole community or enjoy the games created by other members. Roblox is free and available on all PC and mobile platforms.

If you are interested in Minecraft but you are more of a fan of free, MineTest is the game you absolutely need to test. This sandbox-like building game offers the same 3D cube block graphics style. Minetest also has several game modes, and can be played solo or in multiplayer. However, the installation and setting up remain a little more complex since, at the start, your map is blank and it will have to be configured by downloading and installing mods and content offered by the community.

If it’s the survival game, more than the creative game that interests you, you can turn to Survivalcraft, a pixelated survival game, only available on mobiles, Android and iOS, under commercial license only. You land on an island where you have to collect resources to defend yourself and protect yourself from the inhabitants, not always very happy to welcome you. Playable solo or with split screen.

Available only for iPhone and iPad, Lunacraft is a free mobile game that uses the principle of Minecraft, but on the Moon. Collect the resources you find on the lunar star and fight the warlike aliens. Some characters will also give you their knowledge, so don’t kill all the characters you meet.

Creativerse and Veloren are also interesting alternative video games, although their graphics are closer to Minecraft than Terraria.

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