Download Sky Children of the Light Apk For Android [2022-2023]


Sky – Children of the Light is a free online game that takes you to a magical universe. You can download it for your mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) under Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad). Note that there is also a version for the Nintendo Switch console.

Download Sky Children of the Light Apk For Android [2022-2023]

If you like games where you control a character and have to make him discover the universe in which he is then you should test Sky – Children of the Light. The graphics of this game are magical and seem straight out of dreamland, a real enchanting world.

You embody a Child of Light, responsible for spreading joy, happiness, but above all hope around him. To move you can walk, run but also hover thanks to your cape in the shape of bird’s wings. To advance in the game, you will have to cooperate with other players (8 at the same time), either friends or players encountered during your travels. Note that it is quite possible to play alone, but mutual aid allows you to go further and discover new places.

The universe in which you evolve is divided into 7 realms. Your goal is to illuminate the world using your candle to scare away the darkness. For this you will have to light torches, these allowing the opening of doors leading to new areas of the map, but also solving puzzles, completing quests, etc. Your adventure will allow you to learn new techniques, recover objects and musical instruments, but also clothes, etc.

Sky – Children of the Light was developed by the Thatgamecompany studio, to which we owe two huge successes in the world of independent games: Journey (game of the year in 2013 on iOS and Android) and Flower. The game is constantly evolving and the developers are expanding the universe to the delight of players.

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