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Scratch is a software allowing fun and educational learning of computer programming. It is aimed at children, teenagers but also adults who want to know more about how a program works. 

Scratch allows, thanks to an adapted language and an educational approach, to program short stories or interactive games very easily. The interface is colorful and intuitive and all you have to do is move color blocks to start programming. Create your character, your sounds, your story, your game, let your creativity express itself!

A database includes approximately 2,690,000 various projects that can be shared between users with a scratch account.

You can download and install Scratch for Windows, Mac or Android. The software does not need to be connected to the internet to work. If you don’t want to install the program, know that it also exists as an online service (which requires the internet to function) that you can open from a simple web browser.

Why use Scratch?

Scratch is an educational application that allows each user to understand the stages of creating a computer program. To do this, Scratch lets them program the movements and actions of a small character on the screen. Users will therefore create their own interactive stories, and even share them with other members of the community.

Scratch was developed for the learning of children between 8 and 16 years old. Of course, anyone over the age of 16 can get started creating stories on Scratch without any worries. For the youngest however (under 8 years old) we advise you to direct them to its little brother: Scratch Jr.

From the start, Scratch helps you get started with its various features thanks to a series of video tutorials in French (more than 60 languages ​​are available). More than twenty tutorials will allow you to know how to make the characters act, add a background, effects, etc.

You can follow the tutorials live to perform the actions of your choice. You can insert in the view as many characters (or sprites) as you wish, change the background (including with your own images), and add sounds (including your own). Characters and backgrounds can be edited with a built-in image editor that lets you change colors, draw, and more. Sounds can be modulated in the sound editor.

The interface is very easy to use. It comes in the form of three blocks. On the left, the programming block offers three tabs: Code, Costumes/Background and Sounds. The second tab depends on the active object (the sprite or the background), it is the image editor.

The code tab, which is the main tab, offers code tags, almost like in computer code. Indeed each tag is in fact a piece of the puzzle, and to create your code you must fit them together in the desired order. These tags are divided into several categories: motion, appearance, sound, events, controls, sensors, operators, variables and My Blocks.

As in standard computer code, you can create variables that will give rise to different actions in your story. You can even create your own custom tags.

On the right of your screen are the other two blocks. The first, the top one, allows you to see the result of your programming in a small video-like window. The one below lets you select your sprites and background.

At any time you can save your project on your device (for the online service, the creation of an account is recommended).

Scratch also offers extensions, these are actually complementary tools that allow you to add new features to your program to develop your story. Among the possibilities you have: playing a musical instrument, drawing with your sprites, detecting movement in front of a camera (ideal for interactivity), creating sounds in voice synthesis, translating, and many others.

Some of these extensions have been developed in cooperation with major market players such as Amazon, Google and even Lego!

Finally, know that Scratch is used in education, including by French national education teachers. It’s a fun way to learn and understand programming, whether or not you want to make a career out of it later.

What’s new in the latest version of Scratch?

The Scratch development team works tirelessly to deliver new features and fix any bugs in Scratch apps and software.

Among the latest innovations that appeared in 2020 is the modification of the image editor which now allows the creation of gradients for fills and outlines, which will allow users to create objects even closer to reality.

Which OS is Scratch compatible with?

You can download and install the Scratch applications for Windows and Mac from our links which point directly to the publisher’s site (so you always have the latest version).

If you don’t want to download or install Scratch you can use the online version of the program. It opens directly in your web browser regardless of your operating system.

Finally, the Scratch team offers a version for Android to download, this version works offline, which allows you to use it even when you don’t have an internet connection.

What are the best alternatives to Scratch?

Here is a small selection of applications in the form of a game to teach programming to teenagers and children.

The first of this selection is PictoBlox. It looks a lot like Scratch (it’s based on Scratch 3.0) and is aimed at the same users. You will also find programming blocks to stack on top of each other to perform the desired actions. PictoBlox is available for free download for Android mobile devices, but also for Windows, macOS and Linux. Note that it also allows you to program LEGO, Evive, Arduino, ESP32, etc. robotic objects. Online courses are available on the publisher’s site by age group. Unlike Scratch however, PictoBlox is not available in French.

Scratch junior (or Scratch Jr) is Scratch’s little brother. Also free, it is aimed at children under 8 years old. The blocks are easier to use, the characters are the same. The interface has been revised so that the little ones can use it easily. Only available on mobile devices you can download Scratch Jr for Android and iOS.

SpriteBox: Code Hour, is the free demo version of SpriteBox Coding (paid game). This is a platform game where the user must code the character’s movements to reach the end of the levels. As the adventure progresses, the user learns new parameters and beacons to code his movements. Initially the player starts coding with blocks (a bit like in Scratch), then he can move on to coding in direct syntax when he feels sufficiently comfortable (under Android the syntax is JAVA, under iOS, c is SWIFT). Available for Android, iOS.

From the same publisher you can also test Lightbot: Code Hour. This is also the free demo version of the Lightbot game. This application, for Android and iOS, is aimed more at children but can also appeal to older people. Here no computer block or language syntax. No, in Lightbot you just have to direct a little robot using action buttons. This allows you to understand the basics of computer programming without going to the language itself. A very nice app.

The latest programming game from our selection is only available on Android. It is a game that you can either use for free in its limited version, or use it in its entirety thanks to an annual subscription. It is Kidlo Coding or Coding Games For Kids. This game offers several types of very colorful and fun mini-games, each one allowing you to understand certain features of computer programming: sequences, loops, functions, arrays, debugging, etc. The game is only available in English.

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