Download SCRABBLE GO Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game
Scrabble® GO-Classic Word Game
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Scrabble Go is, therefore, as its name suggests, an online Scrabble game. It uses the principle of the board letter game. Enjoy the thrill of frenzied Sundays playing Scrabble with your family, directly on your mobile screen by playing for free on the Internet with players from all over the world!

After 10 years at Electronic Arts, the Scrabble license finds new developers at Scopely. It is in a press release available when opening its own Scrabble game that Electronic Arts informs players of this change and the end of its game. Scrabble is dead, long live Scrabble GO!

Why use Scrabble GO?

Scopely is therefore the new holder of the Scrabble license, in agreement with Mattel and Hasbro. This new version of the game is more fun and enjoyable, and playable online.

Scrabble is a word game: you draw letters with which you must make a word on a game board. The letters are placed on squares, each square has a different value and each word earns you points. So much for the basic principle.

Scrabble Go copies the official board and the layout of the bonus spaces: double count letter, triple count letter, double count word, and triple count word, as well as the central star to start the game. The game board seems to come out of yesteryear, and will delight retrogaming enthusiasts. As on the board game, the letters that you have drawn (or rather that have been assigned to you by the game) can be moved in front of you in order to help you form your combinations before placing and validating them. When you place your letters, the score is automatically displayed and allows you to quickly see which word earns you the most points. Some basic bonuses are offered for free from the start of the game, including the possibility of changing your letters if you really cannot find any words to place, or display the boxes where a word can be placed. A precious help that should not be overlooked!

Scrabble Go offers both a single-player mode, where the objective is to practice a duel against the computer, and a multiplayer mode (with others or in a duel) in a network or on the Internet. A word search mode also exists. The words are checked by the system using its dictionary. Besides, when you place your letters, a red or green color indicator tells you if the word is good or not even before you have to validate it.

Regarding the management of points, Scrabble Go is part of the logic of mobile games. Indeed with the points earned, you will evolve in the different levels and will be able to obtain chests (which you can also buy) which contain personalized scrabble tiles. Events are regularly organized to win new tiles. So start a collection! Tiles won can be used immediately. So if you win new tiles during the game, when you come back you will be equipped with them. You can go to your collection at any time to change tiles.

The game offers you to connect with your Facebook account to find your friends for wild games. Games have a chat window that allows you to chat with other players.

The main menu interface is a bit cluttered but you get used to it over time. Clicking on “new game” takes you to the menu of the different game modes, and in particular the training mode which allows you to play alone against the game’s AI. playing this happens from the first menu. You can even start several games simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait too long when it’s your opponent’s turn to play.

What’s new in the latest version of Scrabble GO?

4 new game modes have appeared! The Duels mode allows you to start a face-to-face game of Scrabble by playing only 5 rounds against players of the same level as you in order to win new rewards as quickly as possible. Of course, you can always participate in several duels simultaneously. Word Drop mode allows you to choose your new letters, when you need to recharge your coins. Tumbler mode is a super fast anagram game and Rush mode is a single player mode on a small 11 by 11 piece board.

A new dictionary has been added and the main interface is clearer and better presents the different game modes available. Fans of the famous word game will be able to find their way around the games in progress and those to be started. 

Attention, even slang words are accepted!

Which OS is Scrabble GO compatible with?

The application can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and can be installed on Android from version 5.0. It is one of the best word composition games online.

But it can also be downloaded from the App Store for iOS 10.0 or higher, it is compatible with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch smartphone.

What are the best alternatives to Scrabble GO?

Among the online word game applications available on your smartphones and tablets, Classic Words in French is in a very good position. It is also a scrabble type game. With a less fun but much easier to use interface, you play against the computer, adjusted according to the desired level of difficulty. With a computer, there is certainly less interaction and discussion, but there is no waiting between each shot. The games are linked and you also have the option of saving a game in progress in order to resume it later. Available for Android and iOS.

Words Between Friends comes from the publisher to whom we owe the famous game Farmville. Like Classic Words it is a word game of the same type as Scrabble. You must therefore create words with the letters provided to you by playing either alone against the AI ​​or against your Facebook friends (through the connection to your account). Available for download on Play Store and App Store.

For fans of word games, CodyCross is a crossword game for Android and iOS, in French. By solving the many grids available to you, you will learn new words while having fun. In a colorful universe and with different game modes, CodyCross reinvents the game of crosswords to make it more fun and more attractive.

The creators of Candy Crush Saga invite you to play an exciting and educational new game that lets you learn while having fun: AlphaBetty Saga. No candy or fruit combinations, but word combinations are required. Find in the letter grids, the different words placed in lines or diagonally to increase your score and go up the levels. The decorations are cheerful and colorful and invite young and old to venture into the world of words and mice!

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