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Published by Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile is the version of the famous survival game for Android or iOS phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad), but also on your Windows computer (also free). Like Fortnite Battle Royal, the title offers a fun and addictive gaming experience that you can share online with your friends.

PUBG Mobile benefits from a remarkable achievement both at the graphic level (use of the Unreal Engine) and at the sound level. The game options offer several quality settings that allow you to enjoy the game even on the most modest platforms. The only downside is that the gameplay suffers from the tactile support, which makes movement and aiming more difficult than on a computer. You will therefore need some time to adapt to take control of the game and fully enjoy it.

Why play PUBG Mobile?

Just like its big brother for computer (under Windows), PUBG Mobile is a game with free access. An internal store allows users to purchase bonus packs to level up faster, but this isn’t necessary to advance in the game (if you’re patient). 

Create your character: man or woman, hairstyle, face, choose a nickname and skillfully, and let’s go!

On the home screen, also called the Lobby, although it has no features, you can access the current events and the corresponding rewards. Remember to go check in the multiple tabs and pages that you haven’t won anything, because PUBG Mobile, like many other games, has a lot of freebies for newbies (and the amount is decreasing over time).

Download PUBG-Mobile For Android-PUBG Mobile Game Controls

Players accustomed to third-person fighting or adventure games on mobile devices will not be disoriented by PUBG Mobile. Game controls are located in the usual places on the touch screen.

Thus the movement button is on the left hand and the action buttons on the right hand. Note that the move button does not change the orientation of the character, so if you move your finger to the right or left the character will crab in the desired direction (same back and forth). To change the orientation of the character’s body, it will be necessary to act on the camera, that is to say slide your finger on the screen in the desired direction.

The action buttons are: jump, lie down (sniper), crouch, tap (or shoot). The aiming pattern is located in the center of the screen (it’s a white dot if you don’t have a weapon) and you’ll have to operate the camera to aim. Note the possibility via a button at the bottom of the screen to change the view mode and switch to first person view.

To pick up an object you will have to approach it and click on its description on the screen. Although the pickup is not automatic, the equipment is. So if you pick up a bulletproof vest or a helmet your character will put it on right away. Regarding weapons, note that you cannot equip more than one weapon of the same type, so you can carry a crossbow and a Mk14, but not a Mk14 and a Groza for example, a single automatic rifle at that time. 

You can thus have several different weapons: crossbow + submachine gun + handgun. They are then displayed at the bottom of the screen to allow you to change from one to the other.

Battle Royale mode

The principle of the game is simple: 100 players are parachuted simultaneously onto an island and the last survivor wins the game. To achieve this, you will have to seek and find the best weapons, the best equipment and make alliances that will be broken as quickly as they were made. The game provides the player with vehicles that allow him to move faster, but also make him more visible to his enemies. Note that the combat zone is reduced at regular intervals.

In the beginning, you are in the waiting area, this area allows you to test the game controls: camera, movement, jump, fight, etc. A countdown is displayed indicating when the round will begin. When the count is finished, the screen changes and you are in the plane which will fly over the island where the fights are taking place. When the plane is close enough to the island a button will appear which will allow you to make your character jump, it’s up to you to choose when you want it to launch. Then you can manage the fall: orientation, speed, then opening of the parachute and landing.

Once ashore, it’s every man for himself. Weapons and other packs containing ammo and gear are found in shelters. Think about it at the time of the drop in order to land in an area where you can arm yourself right away, especially since, unlike others (like Free Fire for example) you are immediately dropped in the real battle and not on a tutorial type card.

By default the game map is Erangel, but by downloading other content you will have access to the other maps of the classic mode: Livik, Miramar, Sanhok and Karakin. To see the characteristics of the cards, when you are in the Lounge, click on Mode Selection, the five modes will appear and the different cards can be displayed.

The other modes of PUBG Mobile

EvoGround is a mode that depends on the current season. It offers new combat experiences.

The Arcade zone offers three types of game. Quick Match, which offers a match of only 8 minutes with several variants, on one of the maps of the classic mode. The Sniper shooting practice mode, on the other hand, offers you to test the Snipers and Bolt Rifles modes for 15 minutes. Finally, War mode (level 10 required) allows you to parachute onto one of the classic mode maps, but being already armed and equipped, the player with the most points wins the game.

In Arena mode you have access to 5 different game modes: team deathmatch, training arena, weapon master (4v4 match everyone starts with the same weapon, upgrades possible), Domination (two teams of 4 must capture two bases) and Assault.

Note that a training room is also available to allow you to improve in the handling of weapons and in your movements. The training ground is in a place called the Corner of Paradise and which is also a social zone where you can meet the other players of the community of PUBG Mobile.

What’s new in the latest version of PUBG Mobile?

In its July 2021 update, players will see new vehicles appear in the Erangel map, including a Tesla Model Y, which supports Autopilot, via highway markers. They can discover it in the new Ignition game mode, still available in the Erangel map. New buildings, new firearm, automatic doors, mobile platforms and HyperLines (to connect the cities of the island) will be there.

Since January 2022 the Windows version of PUBG is also available in free access, after being paid for many years.

What OS is PUBG Mobile compatible with?

You can download and install PUBG Mobile for your smartphone or tablet. The tablet screen is more suitable thanks to its size, but playing on a smartphone is still possible. Note that the game is PEGI 16, that is to say not recommended for children under 16.

You can download PUBG Mobile for your Android smartphone or tablet, or on your iPhone or iPad running iOS from version 9.0.

You can also download PUBG for your Windows computer from version 7, 64 bit.

What are the best alternatives to PUBG Mobile?

Garena Free Fire – Rampage is an equally free alternative that offers a Battle Royale mode as well as a team of three mode. Very easy to access, the game offers a tutorial part for beginners so that they can move around the island without being killed after a few meters and test the team mode of three. For Android and iOS.

Call Of Duty Mobile is available to download for Android and iOS. It’s the free mobile version of the famous Call of Duty war saga. The game features multiple multiplayer modes and nine different maps (including some from the PC game). In Battle Royale or by team (3v3, 5v5 or 10v10), it’s up to you.

The well-known Fortnite offers a Battle Royale mode, but also other game modes. However, it is currently not available on the Google Play Store (Android) or on the App Store (iOS), which makes it accessible only on computer or home console. This does not prevent fans from all over the world from meeting there.

Apex Legends is Fortnite’s direct competitor. Like the others, it features a Battle Royale mode and a three-player team mode. Collect weapons and accessories and get rid of your opponents. A game developed by Electronic Arts. For Windows only.

Still in the Battle Royale type, but this time in a completely sassy cartoon style, you can test Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Finally test, no, because the game is paid, but it offers such an original and refreshing variety to Battle Royale games that it was one of the most downloaded discoveries of the year 2020. For Windows.

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