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NieR Re[in]carnation
NieR Re[in]carnation
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Nier Reincarnation is a mobile game published by Square Enix, a studio specializing in RPG games of all kinds (The Last Remnant, FINAL FANTASY XIV, KINGDOM HEARTS Uχ Dark Road and many others). This is an adventure/action/RPG type game. In this game, you lead a young girl in a world called The Cage. Amnesiac and mute, she must restore a balance of narrative in a parallel story in order to recover what was taken from her.

The game combines gameplay in 3D (for The Cage and the fights) and in 2D (for the narrative phases). The music is captivating and the graphics very pleasant. You can download Nier Reincarnation for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad) for free, the game has an in-app shopping store.

Why play Nier Reincarnation?

Nier Reincarnation offers you a strange world, with haunting music and pleasant graphics. The game mixes 3D phases for the fights and the main universe and 2D for the narrative periods. Note that the characters encountered in the narration are different from the main character in the game.

When you launch the game for the first time, it will download content. It can take some time. Once the content is downloaded you will be prompted to choose a name for your character. Then the game will ask you what quality of graphics you want to play with (don’t change anything, unless you have an old device with little responsiveness). During this time do not hesitate to listen to the music, very pleasant.

Small funny detail, the display of the credits of Nier Reincarnation is played, if this does not interest you, a Skip button is available at the top of the screen (if the button has disappeared a small tap on the screen makes it reappear). To play the credits, you need to move the 2D female character through a hallway in the Cage, the first area of ​​the game. When you get to the door, the game itself launches.

The story

After playing the 2D part of the game credits, the prologue starts. The Nier Reincarnation prologue is entirely in black and white. You find your main character, but this time in better graphic quality (the credits are in 2D). The music is captivating and the 3D sets are magnificent.

You then meet a ghost-like character called Mama. This is when you find out that your character has lost his voice. Mama tells you that you’ve not only lost your voice, but also your past and it’s time to get it all back, a cutscene of memories ensues. This is the end of the prologue.

The game then picks up some color (in sepia tones to begin with) and here you are in the outer floors of La Cage, still accompanied by Mama.

Head to the Black Scarecrows to get into the story. These phases are again 2D phases like you saw during the credits at the beginning of the game. You then discover that the story does not go as it should, because of a flock of black birds, Mama tells you that you have to get rid of it so that the story can take its course.

You then go back to 3D view to carry out the fight necessary to continue the narration. When the fight is over, the narrative ends. You then come out of the scarecrow to return to the Cage. Each time you leave a story you get a character, a weapon and other bonuses (depending on the story).

Scarecrows are therefore damaged memories that will have to be put back in order. The scarecrow turns white again when the story is retconned. All you have to do is go looking for others.

How do I play Nier Reincarnation?

The movements of the character are done by sliding a finger on the screen at any place. If you swipe from bottom to top it will move forward, if you swipe from top to bottom it will turn around and go in the opposite direction. To make it turn you just have to go a little to the right or the left when you move it forward. In general: placing your finger on the screen brings up the movement circle. You can then make your character walk or run.

For the story phases the principle is the same except that the characters move from left to right on a 2D decor. So you just have to slide your finger from left to right to move forward in the narration. Note that you can skip a narration phase at any time by pressing the SKIP button at the top right. If the button does not appear, a small tap on the screen in this area brings it back.

As for the fights, they take place in an interface with 3D graphics. The characters fight against the enemies automatically and you only have to trigger the special attacks (the loadout of which appears next to their image). When you have several characters at the time of the fight, you can see them at the bottom right of your screen.

What’s new in the latest version of Nier Reincarnation?

The game was officially launched on July 28, 2021. Since then it has benefited from the addition of new quests, new narratives, and more.

Which OS is Nier Reincarnation compatible with?

You can download Nier Reincarnation for smartphone or tablet on Android (from version 7.0) or iOS (from iOS 10.0) for iPhone or iPad. Note however that the game benefits from the use of a large screen and we advise you to play it on a tablet (or an iPad).

Note that the game is PEGI 16, you must confirm that you are over 16 before you can launch it the first time.

What are the best alternatives to Nier Reincarnation?

In the marvelous world of action-RPG games, you can turn without thinking to the very famous Genshin Impact. Beautiful graphics, an exciting open universe, regular friendly encounters and fights, dungeons to be completed with several characters, new characters to be won regularly through the seasons, all this makes Genshin Impact a game not to be missed. Add, in addition, that it is completely free and without any advertising (remuneration is made via in-app purchases which allow players to equip their characters, obtain rare raw materials, etc.). Download for Android, iPhone, iPad.

Fire Emblem Heroes is an action RPG mobile game from the Fire Emblem universe, a universe created by Nintendo for its consoles. The players find there the same type of gameplay as that of the other titles of the series (triangle of powers) as well as the game strategy. The game is free to access and offers an online shopping store. The game has continued to evolve since it was put online and to date already has 5 books and more than 800 levels! Free to download for Android, iPhone, iPad.

Tales of Luminaria is the latest installment in the Tales saga (Tales of Arise, Tales of Crestoria, etc.). Released in 2021, it brings up to date a license already very popular with players. The graphics are beautiful and the video animations worthy of a real anime (those Japanese cartoons). Only downside: the game is in English only, and is played in portrait mode (vertically), which is not necessarily the most pleasant.

For consoles and computers

To stay in the same type of universe, but change the device, there is NieR: Automata. This is an action RPG game on PC (Windows via Steam) and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One video game console. The post-apocalyptic universe offers beautiful graphics. Since its release, NieR: Automata has been entitled to several DLCs, the latest being the Game of the YoRHa Edition. In this game, you control human-looking androids who have to fight against invading robots. A popular game.

In Monster Hunter World you discover a new world and especially ferocious animals sometimes as big as the biggest of our dinosaurs. Fauna, flora and the environment in general will be your allies to collect materials and make the tools you may need. For the action/RPG side you will have to face the ferocious creatures that you will encounter, in order to gain experience and skill. A game to buy and download for Windows in 64-bit version.

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