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Monster Legends
Monster Legends
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


In Monster Legend, the player must collect, domesticate and breed beasts of all kinds that can evolve into red fire dragons, giant monkeys, giant sea serpents…
The game also offers construction gameplay where the player must create a suitable habitat so that its creatures can live and develop all their skills.

This goes through the creation of spaces to support the monsters as well as buildings to provide the resources (gold and tomatoes) necessary to develop its village and its creatures.

In particular the Monster Lab which allows you to improve the characteristics of monsters and equip them with runes for increasingly easy victories.
There are more than fifty monsters with unique skills and whose evolution is very close to the Pokémon universe.

Monster Legend also offers a multiplayer mode, once the monsters evolved, the day will be able to face the monsters of the other breeders all over the world online. Each game earns amazing rewards and War Coins to be used to obtain exclusive monsters in the team store.

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