Download Magic Piano Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Magic Piano by Smule
Magic Piano by Smule
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Magic Piano is a free mobile application that facilitates piano learning by offering a simple and fun method, even if you have no notion of music theory or reading sheet music. Based on the principle of the Guitar Hero video game, which asks you to press specific colored keys to play notes, Magic Piano illuminates the keys of a virtual piano when you need to play them. Follow the indications of the scrolling keys while respecting the rhythm, in order to reproduce the chosen music easily and simply.

Download Magic Piano Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Available in several languages ​​including French, the interface of this learning game is simple and presents all the codes of the video game, with levels to be reached to climb the levels and unlock bonuses and rewards. Several hundred titles are offered, about twenty songs are free and the others are available in paid packs.

From pop music to the great titles of classical music, passing through the hits of musical shows, there will be something for all tastes and for all levels. Beginner users can learn to play the piano to their favorite songs, while more experienced players can compose their own music with the virtual piano editor available to them. Note that you can customize the sound of your instrument: harpsichord, 1980s synthesizer, organ, etc.

In addition to being able to manage the level of difficulty, Magic Piano also lets you control the rhythm and tempo of a song, in order to gradually learn the keys. Finally, a Jams mode allows you to sing in duets with real singers.

Finally, when you start to master certain songs, why not share your performances on social media or with the Smule Globe community?

You can download the Magic Piano mobile app for Android (5.0 or later), iPhone and iPad (with iOS 10.0 or later) smartphone and tablet for free. The application is free but includes advertising and in-app purchases to access more songs.

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