Download Heroes of Atlan Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Heroes of Atlan is a turn-based RPG style game where your goal is to defeat the devil. The game features several heroes that can be customized and upgraded to ensure that you take down Satan and his class once and for all.

The Kingdom of Atlanta was a place of peace and prosperity. Everything changed when a great evil arrived on the scene, spreading chaos. It was the Demon King, better known as Beelzebub, who appeared, bringing with him pure and unrestricted destruction, leaving only despair.

In a final battle, when all hope was already lost, the high wizard Magellan and the guardian Eble managed to save the world by sending the Demon King away. However, after a thousand years of peace, his fury has awakened again. It is then your turn to save the world of Atlanta.

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