Download GeForce Now Apk For Android [2022-2023]

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GeForce Now invites you to browse hundreds of video game titles, directly from your PC, your Chromebook, your connected TV, your smartphone or your tablet, without going through specific studio platforms. Indeed, with GeForce Now, you can play games available on the Steam, Ubisoft Connect, Origin and Epic Games platforms, directly from a single interface. You will thus have a catalog of impressive PC games in free-to-play or direct purchase from the NVidia platform.

You will be able to play video games produced by all the major development studios and publishing houses. You will find in particular the catalog of Electronic Arts games with the saga of Battlefield, Apex Legends, Dragon Age, Ubisoft games with Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed, Ghost Recon and many others or even Riot Games with League of Legends, The Architect Paris or Lords of the Fallen.

Other indie games have also caught our attention, including the magnificent Kena Bridge of Spirits from Ember Lab, the intriguing Aragami from Lince Works or even the fun The Last Friend from Skystone Games.

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Why use GeForce Now?

GeForce Now is a cloud gaming platform, which does not offer games it develops itself, but provides players with a central platform for many games available on other cloud gaming platforms such as Steam, Origin , Ubisoft Connect – UPlay and Epic Games.

GeForce Now prompts you to enter a few keywords or the title of a game, or a publisher, to start your search. On the home page, you can find some recommendations such as the latest games on display, the latest additions, promotions and special offers, free-to-play, the top indie games, etc. 

Once your search is launched, you have the option of sorting the results alphabetically, or filtering them by digital store or genre (MOBA, Sport, Strategy, role-playing game, adventure, arcade, shooter, platformer, etc.). 

Click on a game to display its individual descriptive sheet. You will be able to find out the minimum age required (PEGI), the publishing house and the developer, the control system (gamepad, mouse, keyboard, etc.), the genre, the date of the version available, the number of players and the synopsis of the story. A few images will convince you to click the PLAY button or add this game to your library to find it faster. 

For some games, you will need a Steam, Epic Games or other account to play. Whether you use the Windows or Mac launcher, or the online service, you will need to connect to a remote NVidia server, with the optimal technical configurations, which allows you to enjoy excellent image quality, even if you don’t have a gaming graphics card. On the other hand, the system streams the games in the cloud, it is recommended to have a good Internet connection. 

To use NVidia’s cloud gaming service, there is a free subscription for standard access and 1 hour of play per month (in 1080p and with an FPS of 60 frames per second). A paid subscription gives you unlimited gaming and priority access to cloud gaming servers.

In terms of the required equipment, you can of course use the mouse and your PC keyboard, but be aware that DualShock 4, both wired and Bluetooth are supported, as well as Xbox One or Xbox 360 controllers. other controller models like the Logitech F310/F510/F710 are also supported by GeForce NOW.

What’s new in the latest version of GeForce Now?

GeForce Now includes in its latest version, a new single sign-on feature for Fortnite, which allows you to play Fortnite without logging into your Epic Games account each time you start a new session.

The GeForce Now search tool has also been improved with a full-page tiled search option instead of a list. 

GeForce Now is now accessible from the Google Chrome browser, without installing or downloading a launcher. To learn more about the cloud gaming part of the service, do not hesitate to read our article: Cloud gaming: Nvidia GeForce Now switches to the RTX 3080 with a new subscription plan

GeForce Now is now available on LG televisions released in 2021. This system allows you to play your video games on your living room screen with a simple controller.

February 2022 announces the arrival of Discord support by GeForce Now! The messaging application will benefit from complete and practical integration within the gaming platform, to the delight of players.

Which OS is GeForce Now compatible with?

You can download and install GeForce Now for free on Windows 7/8/10 computers in 64-bit architecture only, Mac OS X 10.10 or later, but also as a mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets, or on your connected TV with Chromecast . NVidia Shield TV owners will also be able to use the service.

Be aware that GeForce Now has recently offered a Google Chrome browser gaming experience in Beta version. And if you want to enjoy the platform on your iPhone or iPad, it is also possible to access it from your Safari browser.

What are the best alternatives to GeForce Now?

PlayStation Now is a cloud gaming solution accessible from your PC or your PS4 console and gives you access to a catalog of more than 700 video games. You have 7 days of free trial to test the interface. Note that the subscription allows you to then play certain games for a limited time and others continuously, without having to pay additionally for the game. 

Steam is the best-known cloud gaming platform. It also includes a wide choice of games in all possible and imaginable categories. Note that with Steam you have the possibility to find free games and demos. The software is free, cross-platform and in French and allows you to enjoy dematerialized games. It also allows you to create a community of players for your online multiplayer sessions.

BlackNut is completely in line with cloud gaming platforms. No trial period, you must directly take out a subscription to access the video games, but you can play all the games unlimited and create up to 5 accounts for the whole family. Like GeForce Now, it is possible to connect an Xbox One controller to play. 

For those who do not wish to have a central platform, it is possible to individually download software to access the Epic Games Launcher and Ubisoft Connect – Uplay cloud gaming platforms. The software to install on your PC or your mobile (for Uplay only), is free and offers paid games, demos or free. 

For fans of Electronic Arts games, know that the publisher has its own cloud gaming platform: Origin-EA Play. It gives direct access to the greatest titles of the moment such as FIFA, Need for Speed ​​or Battlefield in a dematerialized digital version. Note that if you already own Electronic Arts games, you have the option of linking them to your online account.

In the same vein, the RockStar Games Launcher gives you access to games from the RockStar Games publisher. The software is free but all games are paid. You can enjoy hits of the moment like Red Dead Redemption or the GTA saga. We just regret not having more trial versions of games or special offers through this dedicated launcher.

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