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Football Manager 2022 Mobile
Football Manager 2022 Mobile
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Like every year in the fall, Sega offers its new version of the football club simulation game: Football Manager. The 2022 edition is no exception to the rule and was launched on November 9, 2021. A license that still appeals to simulation enthusiasts who particularly appreciate the career mode, all the possible settings and the many data and statistics provided. 

Football Manager 2022 is available as a free demo version for PC via the Steam gaming platform (by clicking on our link for Windows 7, 8, 10). In its paid version, the game is available for PC and Mac, for consoles (Xbox and Nintendo Switch) as well as for mobile in a lighter (and cheaper) version.

Why play Football Manager 2022?

Football Manager 2022 is the 18th installment in the Football Manager franchise, which began in 2004 and is based on the former Championship Manager game. Every year since Football Manager 2005, the game has undergone improvements in terms of gameplay and brought it as close to reality as possible.

Unlike FIFA or eFootball (ex PES), Football Manager does not base its principle on the evolution of a player and the fact of having him participate in matches. Here you will in fact spend very little time on the pitch of the stadiums. Indeed, Football Manager is a game of club management and sports management above all. 

Career mode is the main game mode of Football Manager 2022. In this mode, you are a football team manager and you have to manage your club and your players. The first thing to do? Choose the club you want to manage from the configuration menu. All French Ligue 1 clubs are available (OM, PSG, OGC Nice, MHSC, OL, etc.), but also many foreign teams.

Note that Football Manager 2022 offers all the components of a club’s life: objectives given by managers, requests from supporters, media visibility, social networks, etc. You will have to manage all this and even more to be able to reach heights with your club while gaining the confidence of all.

But club management is one thing, Football Manager 2022 also offers you team management with tactical decision making. You will obviously have to create your match sheet by positioning your players in the positions that correspond to them, but also change their behavior by giving them tactical instructions on how they should pass the ball, move between two passes, etc.

Be careful to communicate well with your players so that they understand your goal and the role they must play to achieve their objectives. Of course, recruiting players will be crucial in your quest for victory. Work with your club’s scouts, discover the best players before they’re even recognized to take them to the top and help them reach their full potential. Note that the Football Manager 2022 database consists of over 500,000 real players.

Each of your players has their own technical sheet showing their strengths and weaknesses in detail (technical, but also mental and physical), but also if they like your club (a disgruntled player cannot play well). Add to that the statistics of the season, the details of his career, but also his flow on social networks. This gives you all the data you need to properly manage your team.

Rest assured football fans, once you have made all the necessary settings you can take your team to a stadium to meet another. Here you continue to fulfill your coaching role by indicating to your players changes in game tactics or by giving them game instructions adapted to the match in progress.

In addition you also have access to the list of your players, their mental state, etc. You can also view your substitutes and request a player change. The screen shows the stadium from above, as if you were watching the game on TV. You also have access to time and score.

Football Manager 2022 wants to be very realistic and for this it offers you, in addition to the management of the club and the matches, to carry out team and staff meetings before match, after match, etc.

What’s new in the latest version of Football Manager 2022?

Compared to previous installments of the license, Football Manager 2022 brings some new features that will delight fans of the genre. Here are a few.

First of all the famous dashboard of the leader or data center. Since Football Manager 2022 you can fully configure this dashboard so that it only displays the statistical data that interests you. All statistics offered by Football Manager 2022 are data that real clubs also use.

The 2022 version of Football Manager also offers the arrival of a new player position, the famous extended central defender, a defender who is able to attack when necessary. Note that the match rendering engine has also been improved, and you can now better manage your players with on-screen data.

Which OS is Football Manager 2022 compatible with?

You can buy and download Football Manager 2022 for Windows 7, 8, 10 and macOS from 10.13.6, 64-bit only. The game is offered on several platforms: Steam (our win and mac links), Epic Games, Microsoft Store (our Win 10 link). Note that Steam is the only platform that offers a free demo version that allows you to start playing the game before you decide to buy it. For Windows only.

Football manager 2022 is also available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch video game consoles.

As every year, note that Sega has also developed a special light mobile version (paid) called Football Manager Mobile 2022 that you can download for your smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad).

What are the best alternatives to Football Manager 2022?

The latest iteration of Electronic Arts’ FIFA license, FIFA 22, offers users the ability to play as a football player and take them to the top. For this you will have to train, accept offers from clubs and play matches by directing your player as well as possible so that his team wins. In FIFA, the management part is much less important than in Football Manager, and you spend a lot more time on the pitches around the world, including street football and with characters from the world of women’s football. For Windows 10 64-bit, Xbox One or Series S/X, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch (essential edition), but also for smartphones and tablets running Android or iOS in a lighter version.

For its new Opus, eFootball 2022 (formerly PES or Pro Evolution Soccer), Konami Digital has bet on free to play with a game with free access, unlike FIFA 22 or Football Manager. In this game choose to control a real team or create your own team and then compete against other users. For Windows, Xbox (One and Series X/S), PlayStation (4 and 5) with the ability to play with players regardless of their platform (being rolled out).

In a slightly different and completely crazy style, you can also test MPG Football, a free mobile application (which contains advertising) for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). With MPG Football, assemble your football team by composing it of 18 real players (you have a fixed budget for this, the prices depend on the player’s rating) then challenge your friends (or other players in the community) every weekends. The particularity ? You don’t play your team in this game, the results are based on the behavior of your players… in real life!

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