Download Farming Simulator Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Farming Simulator 16
Farming Simulator 16
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


Farming Simulator 18 is an ultra-realistic simulation game in which you step into the shoes of a real farmer. You will be able to drive all kinds of equipment from the real world to work your fields and carry out your farm work.

In this game you have to cultivate and harvest, sell and buy new material in order to make your farm viable and sustainable. Everything there is like in real life, you can’t get something for free, everything has to be conquered by hard work on the farm.

All upgrades in Farming Simulator require money and no machine is cheap. So you will need a lot of time to get money. Plus, there’s a lot of management fun, everything has to be maxed out with carrying loads and even a trip to the store for new types of gear.

Farming Simulator is a paid game available on several platforms: you can buy it and download it for your mobile devices under Android (smartphone and tablet) or iOS (iPhone, iPad), but you can also play it on your computer running Windows or macOS. Finally, know that Farming Simulator is also available on Stadia, XboxOne, Xbox360, Switch, PS3, PS4, PSVita

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