Downlooad Death’s Door For Ps5,Ps4, Xbox Player

Death's Door
Death's Door
Developer: Acid Nerve
Price: 19,99 €

Death’s Door is an action game set in the realm of the dead. You lead a little crow harvester of souls and will have to visit every corner of this universe in search of your prey. Be careful, because not all the inhabitants you meet mean you well. Death’s Door is a clever mix of adventure, action, platformer with a bit of RPG and dungeon to top it all off. The game is available for purchase and download for computers running Windows 10 64-bit and for Xbox Series S/X and One game consoles.

The story of Death’s Door is pretty simple, or not. You play as a young crow charged by the Commission of Reapers, of which he is a member, to harvest the souls of the living whose time has come. Only here is your first mission decided otherwise and you will have to track him through all the corners of the kingdom of the dead to recover him and his soul.

The scenery is breathtaking and makes you want to discover every corner of this universe, like a dungeon-crawler. You will meet there beings who have decided to put a spoke in your wheels and this will ensue from the combat phases. Fortunately, your character has a whole range of weapons and spells at his disposal, which you can also improve by gaining experience and skills.

Besides combat and exploration, Death’s Door also offers you puzzles to solve. Many secrets and hidden bosses are scattered throughout the levels and you will have to be extra careful to reach them, and listen carefully to the characters with whom you can talk and who can give you clues. The levels are all connected to a central hub that allows you to easily navigate to each other.

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