Download Battlefield 1942 For Android Apk

Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

Battlefield 1942 is a first-person and multiplayer shooter, released for computers in 2002. Its commercial success is at the origin of the creation of the Battlefield franchise and the many episodes that followed.

The game environment takes place in 1942, a pivotal year of the Second World War when the balance of power between the Axis and the Allies began to shift. The player can choose to represent one or the other of the two camps, and thus have the weapons and official outfits of the time adapted to his team.

Battlefield 1942 can be played in multiplayer, on a local network or on the Internet. This game offers much larger maps than other FPS of the time, and above all allows you to drive all the vehicles present: motorcycles, cars, tanks, and even planes!

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