Download Addons for Minecraft Apk For Android [2022-2023]

Addons for Minecraft
Addons for Minecraft
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free


The construction and adventure game developed by Mojang, Minecraft, has already conquered millions of players. This game of endless possibilities already offers a lot of elements that allow you to build buildings, craft objects, collect resources and create a universe as you wish.

Already very complete, it is also possible to add new maps (maps), new objects, new universes and lots of accessories and skins for your character, thanks to utilities for downloading and installing complimentary packs, such as Addons for Minecraft.

The mobile application is free and unofficial. This is not a game, it is a search, download and addon installer for the Minecraft game. You must have the official Minecraft game. Also note that the addons offered in this directory are not official addons developed by Mojang.

Download Addons for Minecraft Apk For Android

Addons for Minecraft compiles the best addons, mods and even mini-games to diversify your video game even more. Animals, monsters, invisible mode, buildings, or reconstruction of a universe or series, there is something for everyone.

Via a simple interface and in English, you can search with keywords, or explore the different categories. You can then consult the descriptions of the many items offered, as well as the opinions of other users. You will even have the possibility of putting certain elements in favorites in order to find them quickly in the Bookmarks menu, accessible in the main menu bar, at the bottom of your screen. Screenshots, developer description, number of downloads, ratings and player reviews allow you to make an informed choice on which addon or mod to download and install.

In addition to offering millions of addons and mods, Addons for Minecraft has the other advantage of offering direct download and installation of the pack. One click is enough to download the item in .mcworld or .mcaddon or .mcpack file format and install it in Minecraft. 

All you have to do is go to the game settings to activate your pack.

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