2022 Colgate Football Schedule

2022 Colgate Football Schedule-Colgate Raider is one of the best teams that take up games for various athletics and represents Colgate University in the NCAA division. The team plays as a Patriot League under the tournament of football championship subdivision taken by college football completion. Colgate raiders has various wonderful teams of athletics taking tournaments of various games and has overall 30 sports clubs and 25 variety of teams taking various games of tournaments representing Colgate university.

The teams of Colgate Raiders include various teams of men and women, basketball, cross country, ice hockey, football, soccer, swimming track, golf, and football (mainly for men taking golf and Football). The team of Colgate Raiders also takes games for Lacrosse, Tennis, and separate women team for field hockey, volleyball, and softball.

The Athletic Director of the Colgate Raider is Nikki Moore who has been serving as administrative athletic in various forms and as sports specialty under games and tracking. The team is located in Hamilton, New York with 23 varsity tea. A major aspect of Colgate raider is they have a world-class stadium and courts for various games who takes

Colgate Raider Football Team:

Now we will talk about the Men team of the Colgate Raider. Colgate Raider extremely good and talented Football Team which has a spirit of showing well on the ground. Coming to various game individually we will first talk about Football because that’s our favorite in recent years the Raiders has shown and delivered a memorable football season and witnessed a singing day hall recently by qualifying 104 patriot honor roll recently. They have recently announced their schedule for 2019 and thus have games starting from Aug 2019 on 24th with Villon at Hamilton. Witness the schedule more precisely and we ask our readers to go through this for more information.

Colgate Raider Football Schedule 2019:

The Colgate Raider has recently announced the schedule of 2019 and the first game for the team is going to be scheduled on Aug 29th, 2019 with Crown Filed at ANDY KERR STAD the second football which has been announced is on Aug 31, 2019, with USAF ACADEMY at COLO STADIUM. Later the team will go for a short break and then the game will initiate on Sep 14th, 2019 with a team like WILLIAMSBURG. Followed by the various schedule of events here the Colgate Raider football team will take the games on 21st and 28th Sept 2019 with Maine and Dartmouth wonder teams at the crown field at Andy Kerr Stadium and thus will take our breath out this year. The tram is packed up with the schedules of matches up to November 2019 with teams like LEHIGH, Becknell, Cornell, Holy cross, and others who are highly rated and earned Patriot marks on them with their high quality on ground performances.

Colgate Raider Football Roaster:

The team of Colgate Raider has young and energetic players like Abu Daramy who has defending mode of attack and Dan Hunt is the head coach of the team. Rest the roaster can better be known by their Jersey and name over it. The Number 4 is Abu Daramy who is the senior-most player with the defensive back position in the team. Number 6 is Marques who also takes a position for a defensive back position in their team. The other defensive back position is handled by Colin Troup no 7, 13, 14, and the quarterback starts with Jake Froschauer no 15 lasting with 16, 17, and 19 jersey holders. The team has wide receivers and tailbacks starting from 22, 23, 24 jerseys. The roaster also has few of the fresher and the number of jerseys up to 98.

We would also like to let you readers know that Colgate University has various teams of women and women comprising of a various team of games which delivers a package of excitement and fun all together and news related to it can be obtained from

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